Thursday, April 14

Writing With Ease

I received my copy of Writing With Ease today. I've resisted the temptation for so long, but I'm glad I have it now. It really is a wonderful book, and I think it will complement LLATL very nicely.

When *B* started 1st grade I followed The Well-Trained Mind exactly. Since then, I've eased up a lot in the area of Language Arts. (Ruth Beechick helped me to see the error of my way.) So, when I saw that Susan Wise Bauer had come out with a writing program I was very hesitant.

I caved. I bought a copy and I LOVE it!! We're starting evaluations tomorrow. I'm pretty sure that *B* will be able to start on Level 2, I don't have high hopes for Level 3. I do think that this will help a lot before moving into Writing Strands, as I had planned.

Homeschool Notebooking

This is another former page... I need to fix the broken links.



~ Famous Men of Greece
   Greek/Roman gods Chart


I hope you find these useful!

End of Homeschooling

I'm changing my blog around so I wanted to convert this former page into a post so that the information is not lost.

These are the homeschool materials that we used at the end of our homeschool journey.

Left to Right: CJ, Levi, Rebekah, Trey
Front: Zachary
Theology ~ IPHC Articles of Faith
Hymn Study
 Art Instruction ~ Lamb's Book of ART I
Composer Study ~Mozart
Picture Study

My Father's World: Rome to the Reformation ~ We started in week 14, since we just finished studying Rome.

Rebekah and Caleb are taking Anatomy at Co-op, so we won't start with MFW until we get to Astronomy.

*TREY ~ GRADE 1.5*
Phonics/Reading ~ Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading
Math ~ Singapore Primary Math 1A - Textbook, Workbook & Extra Practice

Language Arts ~ LLATL Orange
Math ~ Singapore Primary Math 3A - Textbook & Intensive Practice

Language Arts ~ LLATL Purple
Math ~ Saxon 5/4

Rebekah and Caleb are continuing Latin with Latina Christiana I.

Sunday, March 24

Public Schooling

I really need to get back to blogging. I think I forgot how much I love it.

We decided it was time to put the kids in school. I didn't want to, but it just felt like it was time. Rebekah is in 7th grade, CJ is in 6th, Nate (Trey) is in 4th, and Levi started K.

Rebekah and CJ are happy that they are in school, making lots of friends. CJ is "popular."

Nate still isn't reading very well. He did read Green Eggs and Ham to me about a month ago. Which was AWESOME since he couldn't read at all when he started back in August. We have this deal where he reads to me every night... whatever I choose... and then I'll read something to him. Right now he's reading Little Bear and I'm reading some pirate book he won at school.

Poor Levi hates school. I truly believe it's because he's too smart for Kindergarten and needs more challenge. So wish I could homeschool that kid. He also read Green Eggs and Ham to me the other day. =)

I am working a full time job now. Making pretty good money for someone that's never worked before. I started out working 6 hours a week and within 8 months worked up to full time. I love my job. I work with some great people and my boss spoils me. =)

Tuesday, January 3

31 Days to Clean - Day 1

31 Days to Clean - Having a Martha House the Mary Way by Sarah Mae


Mary Challenge: Mission Statement
"...God is not a God of disorder but of peace...." I Corinthians 14:33 (HCSB)

It is important for me to have a clean house because I am in a better mood when my home is clean. Plain and simple. That is my motivation.

Martha Challenge: Supply List

General Daily Supplies:
cleaning gloves, nylon scrubber, paper towels, dish soap,

Specific Daily Supplies:
Day 2- baking soda
Day 4- lemon juice, oven cleaner
Day 5- window cleaner
Day 6- time! lol
Day 9- fresh flowers, floor cleaner
Day 10- window cleaner
Day 12- wood polish
Day 13- carpet cleaner
Day 15- window cleaner
Day 16- carpet cleaner
Day 17- wood polish
Day 18- trash bags, donation bags
Day 19- first-aid kit items
Day 20- window cleaner
Day 21- comet
Day 22- no home office
Day 23- no home office
Day 25- no home office
Day 26- cotton swabs
Day 30- floor cleaner