Saturday, December 18

Vivaldi Downloads

2010-2011 TERM 2 (This term's artist is Carravagio 1600, Baroque) Antonio Vivaldi (1730) (Baroque)
Listening selections for this term:
    Gloria (choral work);
    The Four Seasons;
    Trio Sonata in C major, RV.82;
    plus 3 concerti - Maybe one for violin, one for guitar and
    one for a woodwind instrument such as oboe or bassoon.

A. Vivaldi - Gloria in excelsis Deo
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Concerto for Cello and Bassoon in E Minor
Cto For Cello & Bassoon In E Minor - Adagio
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Concerto for Four Violins in D Major
Various - Vivaldi - Concerto for Four Violins in D major RV549
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Concerto in D Major, Guitar
Antonio Vivaldi - Concerto In D Major, Guitar, Strings

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I cannot figure out why the players look weird.

Friday, December 17

Hymn Study GEM!

Y'all (yes, I actually say that since I've moved south) have probably known about this site for YEARS, but I just found it about 5 minutes ago. WOW! is all I can say. =)

Songs and

You can listen to the song, download an MP3, and print sheet music (or just the lyrics.) There's background information on the hymn, a biography page for the lyricist and composer. AND there's a devotional to go with it! It has everything you might need to do a hymn study. Can you tell I'm excited? =)

This term for AO we are studying O God, Our Help in Ages Past.

Tuesday, December 14

Planning for Term 2

I have not posted one thing about Term 1. I am so sorry! Things have been crazy around here. We've had bed bugs, we moved, and then we had a string of illnesses. Unfortunately, that means we are a bit behind where I wanted to be.

Shark is only about 1/2 through Term 1 of AO Y1. Kitten will begin AO Y4 in January and I'm not sure yet where to place Crow. (I'm leaning toward Y3.) Mama has begun reading Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis and working through Life of Fred - Fractions.

Since it seems we're heading toward an "all AO" schedule, I'm going to keep with their term selections for Shakespeare, Plutarch, Artist, Composer, Hymn and Folk Song studies.

~Plutarch: Life of Alexander the Great~
There's no study guide for this "life" so I guess I'll have to wing it. I started to read Dryden's translation and *I* was a bit overwhelmed. I was able to follow and understand, but it was work and I know that Kitten would be totally lost. I decided that we would read The Boys' and Girls' Plutarch by John S. White. We'll go slowly and hopefully by next term she will be comfortable with the language.

~Shakespeare: Two Gentlemen of Verona~
The first week we are going to read the story from either Nesbit or Lamb's version so we can get a feel for the plot. The remaining 11 weeks we will listen to a dramatization while following along on paper and narrating as we go.

~Composer: Antonio Vivaldi~
I have The Stories of Vivaldi & Corelli in Words and Music. I'm not sure how we'll use it yet though.

~ Artist: Caravaggio~
Since there are 6 selections, we'll spend 2 weeks on each.

~Hymn: O God, Our Help in Ages Past~
This hymn was sung at Churchill's funeral.
Also at Songs and (Download MP3)
101 Hymn Stories by Kenneth W. Osbeck

~Folksong: Tall Men Riding~
I've never heard of this song. =)
Wow, one of my bloggy friends has already gathered resources! Thanks, Amy!