Saturday, April 30

Celebrating My Heritage

I am 1/4 British and I am very proud of my heritage. I wanted to watch the wedding (Yes, I got up at 6am) because I knew it was history in the making. But even more so, I feel connected. It's part of MY history, not just history in general.

Saturday, April 9

Learning Journal: 4/4-4/9

MFW RtR- This week we learned about "The Birth of Islam." It was very interesting. Daddy also joined us for History this week. =)

BIBLE- We read some of Luke and the corresponding pages in Victor. We also took some time to pray for Muslims.

MEMORY VERSE- They are memorizing I Corinthians 13. This week we added verse 2. "And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing."  ESV

HISTORY- I don't really like Story of the World, so I asked (on MFW forum) if there was a suitable substitution. The consensus was that there isn't. So after much research and prayer I've decided to use it anyway. This week we didn't read it though. We read the chapter about Muhammed from Famous Men of the Middle Ages. We are also reading the section on Islam from Usborne's Encyclopedia of World Religions. I made a notebook page, but we ended up not doing it - I'll explain later.

GEOGRAPHY- Map Trek v.2 Islamic Empire

SCIENCE- They are all doing some sort of science at Co-op.


TREY- EP 1: exercises 4-6.

CALEB- IP 3A: p. 10-11. Text: p. 18-23, including Practices 2A and 2B.

REBEKAH- Lessons 13-15 and Test 2


TREY- OPG lessons 37 & 38.

CALEB- LLATL Orange Lesson 2.

REBEKAH- LLATL Purple Lesson 3.

LITERATURE- For History we read Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp from Andrew Lang's Blue Fairy Book.Nothing like Disney's version... =)

CALEB- DaVinci chapter 7

REBEKAH- Benjamin Franklin chapter 8, Alice in Wonderland chapter 3 and Anne of Green Gables chapters 23-29. 

Back to the notebook page. They were just beginning the notebook page and we heard this terrible noise outside. I walked outside and it was hailing! Every house around here has a tin roof so it was LOUD!!

This is our house. We went to the neighbor's house when the Tornado Warning was issued. (We have no basement.)

It hailed like this 3 different times over a 3 hour period. I have never seen it this big before.

Sunday, April 3

Learning Journal: 3/28-4/1

We didn't do much this week. Zachary had an appointment with the Pediatric Cardiologist and that sort of killed our week. At his last well-check the Dr. heard a Venous Hum. It's just a vibration of the blood flowing through the veins near his heart. Nothing serious and they usually grow out of it, BUT it's most common in 3-4 year olds. Zachary is only 19 months old so Dr. wanted to make sure that it wasn't anything more serious. The cardiologist said that Zach's heart is structurally fine, the hum is innocent, no restrictions and recheck before Kindergarten. =)

TREY - Singapore 1A: Text pages 33-37, Workbook exercises 18-19.

CALEB - Singapore 3A: Intensive Practice pages 1-9.
He also read DaVinci chapter 6 and Princess and the Goblin chapters 14-16.

REBEKAH - Saxon 5/4: Investigation 1 and Lessons 11-12.
She also read Benjamin Franklin chapters 6-7 and Anne of Green Gables chapters 15-22.

Friday, April 1

Tentative Plans for 2011/12

We are moving back to Ohio in a few months. We've been in TN for 4 years and I am really going to miss it. Not to mention all of the new friends and loved ones that we will miss dearly!

I've only ever blogged in TN. I know that seems silly, but it will be a different experience. =) In my very first post I discussed why I preferred to homeschool in TN, so I won't go there again.

One thing that I absolutely loathe is preparing a Letter of Intent and Curriculum Outline. I only had to do it once, and we moved to TN before it was time for evaluations. Anyway, I'm done with that now and would like to share the outline. If you homeschool in Ohio please comment. (As a side note, I copied and pasted all of the descriptive info.)

        I.                     I. My Father’s World: Exploration to 1850 (
a.       BIBLE
                                                               i.      Study the book of James using Boy, Have I Got Problems! (Harvest House Publishers) and memorize verses from James.
                                                             ii.      Be inspired by the stories of Christians from the past using Trial and Triumph (Canon Press) and In God We Trust (Chariot Victor Publishing), which focuses on the godly faith and character of early Americans.
                                                              i.      Study world and U.S. history from the early European explorers of North America through 1850.
1.      The Last 500 Years (Usborne Books)
2.      George Washington’s World (Beautiful Feet Books)
3.      The Story of the World, Vol. 3 (Peace Hill Press)
                                                            ii.      Learn about U.S. presidents and U.S. geography with a brief trip through all 50 states.
                                                          iii.      Enjoy simple hands-on projects, map work, and timeline.
                                                           iv.      Study your own state (the final 4-6 weeks of the year) as you learn how to write a research paper.
    1. SCIENCE
                                                              i.      Explore the world of plants and animals from a Christian perspective. Includes an introduction to taxonomy.
1.      Exploring Creation with Botany (Apologia Educational Ministries)
2.      The World of Animals (Answers in Genesis)
3.      The World of Animals (Parragon Publishing)
                                                            ii.      Focus on nature journaling in your local area as you study state history at the end of the school year.
    1. ART and MUSIC
                                                              i.      Enjoy hands-on projects related to history.
                                                            ii.      Sing the great hymns of our faith and learn their stories, coordinated with this year’s history study, using Then Sings My Soul (Thomas Nelson).
                                                          iii.      Music appreciation lessons review music history and focus on Schubert, Mendelssohn and Chopin.
    1. Daily exercise routine
    2. Outdoor play
    3. Instruction on Health basics (including, but not limited to, hygiene, first aid, safety and fire prevention.
  2. MATH
    1. Saxon Math 6/5 (Saxon Publishing) - advanced divisibility concepts; multiplication; integers; prime and composite numbers; powers; roots; probability; statistics; patterns and sequences; geometry and measurements; and ratios
    2. Primary Math 4A ( Inc.) - whole numbers, numbers to 100,000; rounding off numbers, factors, multiples, multiplication and division with 2-digit numbers and by 10; adding, subtraction, mixed and improper fractions; graphs, angles, perpendicular and parallel lines, area and perimeter and more.
    3. Primary Math 4B ( Inc.) - decimals to the thousandths; four operations of decimals; measures; solid figures; volume and more.
    4. Primary Math 2A ( Inc.) - numbers, comparing, and place value to 100, addition and subtraction with/without renaming, measuring length in meters, centimeters, yards, feet and inches, measuring weight in kilograms, grams, pounds, ounces, multiplication and dividing by 2 and 3.
    5. Primary Math 2B ( Inc.) - mental addition and subtraction, multiplying and division by 4, 5, and 10, money (US currency), fractions, time, capacity, geometry and area.
    1. Learning Language Arts Through Literature – Tan (Common Sense Press) – spelling, reading, grammar, composition, research and study skills, higher order thinking skills, creative expression and penmanship
    2. Learning Language Arts Through Literature – Purple (Common Sense Press) – spelling, reading, grammar, composition, research and study skills, higher order thinking skills, creative expression/games, penmanship
    3. Learning Language Arts Through Literature – Red (Common Sense Press) – phonics, spelling, reading, grammar, composition, research and study skills, higher order thinking skills, creative expression/games, penmanship
We will be using the internet and library books for all subjects.