Wednesday, February 27

Our First Snow!

This is what I woke up to this morning! I'm used to this kind of snow in Ohio, but not here! I can't even see my mountains... (sniffle)

UPDATED: This is what it looked like 5 hours later!!

Tuesday, February 26

Little Drummer Boy

PS: this was NOT staged. He goes in there and "plays" every single day. He's not too bad either!

What's On Your Desk? Meme

Brittney at King Alfred Academy tagged me... AGAIN! :)

Here's the original Meme-er :)

"What's on your desk?

You can tell a lot about a person by the state of their desk and what they keep on it. So, share what's on your desk. You can take pictures, take an inventory, or do both. Don't have a desk? That's okay, just give us a glimpse into the space where you pay bills, write letters, grade papers, study, or work on the computer.

When you've finished your photos or inventory, post it on your blog and tag five more people to do the same. Don't forget to share the rules with those you tag and ask them to share their posts with you when they are done."

So here's my desk. I seriously considered cheating and cleaning it up first, but then that wouldn't be fun!

Left: Stack of school printouts (coloring pages, WTM posts, etc), 3rs by Ruth Beechick, Rand McNally Geography Workbook.

Center: Pen, candy bar wrapper, disposable razors (unused), stapler, can of lice bedding spray.

Right: Printer, Teacher binder, Singapore math books, planning pages, pens, phone

On the computer tower is MORE school printouts, Cars (movie), Little Mermaid (movie), and NKJV Bible.

I was caught in the middle of planning for next quarter! I know, it's no excuse.

So here's who I'm going to tag:

1. Kristine - One Blog at a Time!
2. Lee - My 5 Wolf Cubs
3. Sheryl - Hazel "nut" Academy
4. Daisy - Lesser Road Academy
5. Alana - School of the Sacred Cows
6. Beth - Acorn Hill Academy

Friday, February 15

*C* gets glasses!!

We thought we'd dodged the "glasses bullet" with *C*. At least he was 6 before he needed them. {sigh}

He's got a slight astigmatism in his left eye and he's just a tad farsighted. His right eye is perfect. She said that more than likely he'll grow out of it. That's good news.

*B* got glasses when she was 2 1/2. She inherited a lazy eye and horrible vision from her mama.

Luckily, none of the boys have shown "laziness." (I wish that were true for other parts of their bodies as well :)

Wednesday, February 13

Planning Ahead (08/09)

With tax return right around the corner, I had to do some serious planning for next year.

Mystery of History v.1

God's Design for Life Series: Animal Kingdom, Human Body, World of Plants

Prima Latina: I still haven't decided if I'm going to get the DVDs. I probably will, though. I'd hate to not get them while I've got the money, and then decide I want/need them later.

Singapore Primary Math for *B* and *C*
I'm not sure exactly how far they will make it next year so I'd like to be prepared through level 3, just in case.

I have the HIGs to 3B and texts through 3A ~ still need text 3B and workbooks

Singapore Essential Math Kindergarten A/B for *T*

Language Arts:
*B* has just begun LLATL - Yellow. We may or may not begin the Orange book next year. *C* may or may not start Yellow sometime next year. We'll wait to see on those.

I would like to have *B* start Imitation in Writing - Aesop's Fables. I may be asking too much though.

*C* will continue Explode the Code, I will buy those as we come to them.

*T* finish 100 Easy Lesons and continue to work on reading.

I'd like an Art curriculum. I was thinking of Art Adventures at Home. I got a pretty good look at it before we moved to TN. (It was at my library in OH)

I'm positive that something is missing. I just can't put my finger on it.

Wordless Wednesday

Saturday, February 9

Week in Review

Hate to say it, but we've chucked KONOS. Anyone want to buy it? :) It was WAY to library dependent. My library isn't that great. I thought there would be some sort of background/story included with the lessons (like Weaver) but it's really just a list of activities and resources.

I don't like jumping around so much, but I feel that it's better to do it now (while they are young) than later...

*B* started LLATL - Yellow this week. She is doing a wonderful job! I had some issues with the copywork assignment on day 1, but I got some wonderful advice from the WTM boards. (Thank You!) The biggest problem was the "paper." I had her redo it on HWT paper and she did wonderful. We've just started HWT but the way they do the lines has made a tremendous difference in the quality of her handwriting. I'm very impressed.

*T* is buzzing through 100 Easy Lessons. He loves to do it! His favorite part is his little "worksheets" to practice letter writing.

*C* is picking up pace in Singapore PM 1A. I'm afraid he'll surpass his sister before the year is up. Though she may surprise me.

I have Prima Latina TM and as soon as I can get 2 workbooks we will begin. I was going to try it without the workbooks, but my kids crave seatwork... no lie... I finish reading a book (history, science, you name it) and the first thing I hear is, "Can I do my school book now?"