Saturday, December 18

Vivaldi Downloads

2010-2011 TERM 2 (This term's artist is Carravagio 1600, Baroque) Antonio Vivaldi (1730) (Baroque)
Listening selections for this term:
    Gloria (choral work);
    The Four Seasons;
    Trio Sonata in C major, RV.82;
    plus 3 concerti - Maybe one for violin, one for guitar and
    one for a woodwind instrument such as oboe or bassoon.

A. Vivaldi - Gloria in excelsis Deo
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Concerto for Cello and Bassoon in E Minor
Cto For Cello & Bassoon In E Minor - Adagio
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Concerto for Four Violins in D Major
Various - Vivaldi - Concerto for Four Violins in D major RV549
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Concerto in D Major, Guitar
Antonio Vivaldi - Concerto In D Major, Guitar, Strings

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I cannot figure out why the players look weird.

Friday, December 17

Hymn Study GEM!

Y'all (yes, I actually say that since I've moved south) have probably known about this site for YEARS, but I just found it about 5 minutes ago. WOW! is all I can say. =)

Songs and

You can listen to the song, download an MP3, and print sheet music (or just the lyrics.) There's background information on the hymn, a biography page for the lyricist and composer. AND there's a devotional to go with it! It has everything you might need to do a hymn study. Can you tell I'm excited? =)

This term for AO we are studying O God, Our Help in Ages Past.

Tuesday, December 14

Planning for Term 2

I have not posted one thing about Term 1. I am so sorry! Things have been crazy around here. We've had bed bugs, we moved, and then we had a string of illnesses. Unfortunately, that means we are a bit behind where I wanted to be.

Shark is only about 1/2 through Term 1 of AO Y1. Kitten will begin AO Y4 in January and I'm not sure yet where to place Crow. (I'm leaning toward Y3.) Mama has begun reading Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis and working through Life of Fred - Fractions.

Since it seems we're heading toward an "all AO" schedule, I'm going to keep with their term selections for Shakespeare, Plutarch, Artist, Composer, Hymn and Folk Song studies.

~Plutarch: Life of Alexander the Great~
There's no study guide for this "life" so I guess I'll have to wing it. I started to read Dryden's translation and *I* was a bit overwhelmed. I was able to follow and understand, but it was work and I know that Kitten would be totally lost. I decided that we would read The Boys' and Girls' Plutarch by John S. White. We'll go slowly and hopefully by next term she will be comfortable with the language.

~Shakespeare: Two Gentlemen of Verona~
The first week we are going to read the story from either Nesbit or Lamb's version so we can get a feel for the plot. The remaining 11 weeks we will listen to a dramatization while following along on paper and narrating as we go.

~Composer: Antonio Vivaldi~
I have The Stories of Vivaldi & Corelli in Words and Music. I'm not sure how we'll use it yet though.

~ Artist: Caravaggio~
Since there are 6 selections, we'll spend 2 weeks on each.

~Hymn: O God, Our Help in Ages Past~
This hymn was sung at Churchill's funeral.
Also at Songs and (Download MP3)
101 Hymn Stories by Kenneth W. Osbeck

~Folksong: Tall Men Riding~
I've never heard of this song. =)
Wow, one of my bloggy friends has already gathered resources! Thanks, Amy!

Thursday, October 21

Our Schoolhouse

We just signed the lease and have already started moving a few things. In a few weeks we'll be there for good!!

Wednesday, October 20

Meteor Shower

(Click the picture to enlarge.)
Shark is taking Astronomy at Co-op this semester. His teacher sent me a link about a Meteor Shower caused by the debris left by Haley's Comet. I'm pretty sure that's what this was. This picture really just does NOT do it justice. I'm so glad the kids got to see it.

Thursday, September 30

Ancient Rome with Guerber

~ Schedule ~
Unless otherwise noted chapter numbers refer to The Story of the Romans by HA Guerber.
Books marked with stars (**) are meant to be read over a few days to a week.

This is a work-in-progress so please check back for updates.

MAP ~ Label modern countries on map of Roman Empire.
1 - The First Settlers
2 - The Escape from the Burning City
3 - The Clever Trick
4 - The Boards are Eaten
5 - The Wolf and the Twins
6 - Romulus Builds Rome
MAP ~ Circle and label "Rome", color Italy green and Sicily yellow.
7 - The Maidens Carried Off
8 - Union of Sabines and Romans
9 - Death of Romulus
~ Ancient Rome!: Build an Arch, pp 25-6
10 - The Strange Signs of the Romans
11 - The Quarrel with Alba
12 - The Fight Between the Horatii and the Curiatii
13 - Tarquin and the Eagle
14 - The Roman Youths
~ Ancient Rome!: Highways and Waterways, pp 52-8
** City by David Macaulay
15 - The King Outwitted
16 - The Murder of Tarquin
17 - The Ungrateful Children
18 - The Mysterious Books
19 - Tarquin's Poppies
20 - The Oracle of Delphi
21 - The Death of Lucretia
~ Ancient Rome!: Gifts of the Etruscans, pp 29-31
~ Ancient Rome!: A Kid is Still a Kid, pp 32-9
~ Ancient Rome!: Put Janus over Your Door, p40
22 - The Stern Father
~ Ancient Rome!: The Roman Republic, pp 42-4
23 - A Roman Triumph
24 - A Roman Triumph (continued)
25 - The Defense of the Bridge
26 - The Burnt Hand
27 - The Twin Gods
28 - The Wrongs of the Poor
~ Ancient Rome!: The Orders of Roman People, pp 45-6
29 - The Fable of the Stomach
30 - The Story of Coriolanus
31 - The Farmer Hero
32 - The New Laws
~ Ancient Rome!: Order in the Court! p47
33 - The Death of Virginia
34 - The Plans of a Traitor
35 - The School-Teacher Punished
36 - The Invasion of the Gauls
37 - The Sacred Geese
38 - Two Heroes of Rome
39 - The Disaster at the Caudine Forks
40 - Pyrrhus and His Elephants
41 - The Elephants Routed
~ Ancient Rome!: Conquest, Conflict, and the End of the Republic, pp 60-2
42 - Ancient Ships
43 - Regulus and the Snake
44 - Hannibal Crosses the Alps
45 - The Romans Defeated
MAP ~ Punic Wars
** Hannibal by Robert Green
** Hannibal: Rome's Worst Nightmare by Philip Brooks
46 - The Inventor Archimedes
** Archimedes and the Door of Science by Jeanne Bendick
47 - The Roman Conquests
48 - Destruction of Carthage
~ Ancient Rome!: Rome vs Carthage, pp 63-6
~ Ephesians 6: Armor of God
49 - Roman Amusements
~ Ancient Rome!: Roman Leisure and Fun, pp 75-83
** Gladiator by Richard Watkins
50 - The Jewels of Cornelia
51 - The Death of Tiberius Gracchus
52 - Caius Cracchus
53 - Jugurtha, King of Numidia
54 - The Barbarians
55 - The Social War
56 - The Flight of Marius
57 - The Proscription Lists
58 - Setorius and his Doe
59 - The Revolt of the Slaves
** Spartacus - movie with Kirk Douglas
60 - Pompey's Conquests
61 - The Conspiracy of Catiline
~ Ancient Rome!: Enter Julius Caesar, pp 67-70
62 - Caesar's Conquests
63 - The Crossing of the Rubicon
64 - The Battle of Pharsalia
65 - The Death of Caesar
~ Our Island Story, chapter 2
** Julius Caesar: Dictator for Life by Denise Rinaldo
66 - The Second Triumvirate
67 - The Vision of Brutus
68 - Antony and Cleopatra
69 - The Poisonous Snake
** Cleopatra by Diane Stanley
70 - The Augustan Age (Birth of Christ)
** Luke (Holy Bible)
** Augustus Caesar's World by Genevieve Foster
71 - Death of Augustus
~ Ancient Rome!: After Augustus Caesar, p 83
~ Ancient Rome!: The Pax Romana, pp 72-3
~ Ancient Rome!: Popina & Mosaic Trivet, p 74

{Birth, Life and Crucifixion of Jesus Christ}
** Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare
** Ben Hur - movie with Charlton Heston
I have a 2 week study planned but haven't worked out all of the kinks yet, so I'll leave this part mostly blank for now. =)

~ Trial and Triumph, chapters 1-2
72 - Varus Avenged
73 - Death of Germanicus
74 - Tiberius Smothered (Christ Crucifixion)
75 - The Wild Caligula
76 - The Wicked Wives of Claudius
77 - Nero's First Crimes
78 - The Christian's Persecuted
79 - Nero's Cruelty
80 - Two Short Reigns
~ Our Island Story, chapters 3-6
** Eagle of the Ninth by Rosemary Sutcliff
** The Silver Branch by Rosemary Sutcliff
81 - The Siege of Jerusalem
82 - The Buried Cities
** Pompeii Buried Alive by Edith Kunhardt
83 - The Terrible Banquet
84 - The Emperor's Tablets
85 - The Good Trajan
86 - Trajan's Column
87 - The Great Wall
88 - Hadrian's Death
89 - Antonius Pius
90 - The Model Pagan
~ Ancient Rome!: Nifty Teachers Have Apples and Mangoes, p84
91 - Another Cruel Emperor
~ Ancient Rome!: Rome's Decline and Fall, pp 85-6a
92 - An Unnatural Son
93 - The Senate of Women
94 - The Gigantic Emperor
95 - Invasion of the Goths
96 - Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra
97 - A Prophecy Fulfilled
98 - The First Christian Emperor
~ Our Island Story, chapter 7
~ Trial and Triumph, chapters 3-4
~ Ancient Rome!: Changes, pp 86-8
99 - The Roman Empire Divided
100 - An Emperor's Penance
~ Trial and Triumph, chapters 5-7
101 - Sieges of Rome
102 - End of the Empire of the West
~ Ancient Rome!: End of the Roman Empire, pp 89-92
** Science in Ancient Rome by Jacqueline L. Harris

Saturday, September 18

Another One in Glasses

This one made me mad. We've been in TN for about 3 1/2 years and we're still trying out eye docs. I had noticed this guy's eye turning in (*R* and I both have a lazy eye and started patching before we were 3.) So about 2-3 months ago I took him to have his eyes checked. This husband/wife team said that there was absolutely nothing wrong with him and that it was normal for his eyes to turn since he was so young. I'd never heard that before, but the reasons he gave me sounded plausible. At that point I thought I was being paranoid about the little dude's eyes.

Over the last few months I had noticed that the turning had gotten progressively worse. So much so, that when we had a family picture taken his eyes are crossed in the pic! 

Last Monday I took him to our new favorite Dr. =) He said that eyes turning is most certainly NOT normal at any age. AND he has a pretty strong Rx. So it wasn't just the eye turning that made me mad... the other doctor completely missed (or ignored) the fact that he has terrible eye sight. (Unfortunately, he got that from me, poor kid.)

Without further ado... here's our newest eye glasses wearer.

Sunday, August 8

Ambleside Online - Year 1

This is what Shark will be doing this year.

Bible - King James Version

History -
AO Y1 History

American History Biography - borrow from Library

Geography -
AO Y1 Geography

Natural History/Science -
AO Y1 Science

Phonics -
ABeCeDarian Level A and Learning Language Arts Through Literature: Blue Book

Math -
A Beka Arithmetic 1

Literature -
Will read Parables from Nature online.

AO Y1 Literature

Term 1 - Fine Arts

Artist Study -
I don't know exactly which pieces we will study, but I think a good portion of our time will be spent on the Sistine Chapel.

Artist Study
*as a side note, the pictures in the coloring book are very... well... nude. My husband and I are OK with that, but I know some parents aren't... you have been warned. =)

Music Study -
We're going to do an Introduction to the Orchestra using Peter and the Wolf.

Peter and the Wolf Coloring

Art Instruction - I've had Lamb's Book of ART 1 for about a year. We never got to it last year and this year I am determined to make it work!!

Saturday, August 7

Paddle to the Sea: Map

After some extensive internet searches I came up with no suitable map for Paddle to the I made one. Please let me know if you find these helpful. =)
Paddle Map Bw

Paddle Map Color

Friday, July 23

First Wool Soaker

Now that I'm using cloth diapers, I'm experimenting with covers. I've always liked the wool ones but I never wanted to pay that much. I made the Traditional Wool Soaker from

This one is a size 2 and it's nice, but it's too big. So I'm working on a size 1 right now.




Raiders finished

Baby in Raiders

Thursday, July 22

Teaching Textbooks

The best money that I have ever spent in my ENTIRE life. She loves math now, she gets math now, and she begs to do it every day!!


I can't wait to see what she thinks of Fred. =)

Tuesday, July 13

I Love Rainbows!

I actually made my husband STOP driving just so I could take this picture.


Saturday, July 3

My Planbook

I've never been able to find the "perfect" planner for me. I've tried just about every pre-made planner ever published. In the end I ALWAYS end up printing out my own weekly sheets. So then I thought, "Why not take all of the different aspects that I like and combine them into one book?" And my planner was born...

The Cover - Oh, and I had it comb bound. I really do hate comb binding, but it's sort of, almost like spiral (my fav) in functionality, yet it's a bit forgiving if I need to add pages. It would be a pain, but it could be done.


Calendars -These are both from



Artists/Musicians by Term -We school year-round so 1 Term is equivalent to 4 months. The numbered list is for the names of the pictures we will study.

Foreign Language - This sheet is similar to Tanglewood's Corebook plan sheet. This sheet is YELLOW because I will use it with more than one child.


Next, are 2 YELLOW Science planning sheets from the Tanglewood Corebook. There are no samples online, so I didn't think it would be right to show them here. It really is worth the $$ even if you just use the planning sheets.

Then there are 2 History sheets. One is YELLOW (more than one child) and the other is BLUE (Shark). On the backside of the BLUE sheet is another copy of the Foreign Language worksheet for Shark.

The last set of sheets are PINK (Kitten), ORANGE (Crow), and BLUE (Shark). These are also from the Tanglewood Corebook.

On the backsides I have printed a Reading List (from I think I'm going to use these to list the books I want them to read.


Then there are 6 weeks worth of my color coded planning pages. I tried making this a PDF and the colors didn't show up for some reason. Here's a link to the pages without color.


At the end of each six weeks I have color coded copies of the 6 Weeks Report from Tanglewood's Corebook. On the backside of each sheet is a copy of a Journal page from

Then there is a GREEN (Mr Krabs) sheet with lines. (Also from The backside has a Reading List. I will use his as a completed list of everything we read during the 6 weeks.


I have 6 sets of the previous sheets. Term 1, 1st Six Weeks - Term 1, 2nd Six Weeks - Term 2, 1st Six Weeks... and so on...

Thursday, July 1

More on Cloth

We've been using cloth for about 3 weeks. I LOVE IT! I just wish I hadn't started with my last child. =)

I've made a few additions and subtractions to my stash. (See previous post.)

I absolutely HATE the Kushies AIOs. I will keep them on hand for emergencies, but you have to change the baby EVERY SINGLE TIME he pees. No forgiveness. That made me search for a better AIO for daddy to use.

I found Smartipants. They are AWESOME! Really!! And they are One Size (OS) which is even better! They have a microfiber insert and hold SOO MUCH. These are great for outings.


As for prefolds, I tried a Thirsties cover and just couldn't make myself like it. I wanted to, but I just couldn't. My favorite is the Econobum, a one-size cover. It took a little getting used to, but here are some pictures on how I use it with my boy. (With little girls you would want the most cloth toward the middle.)


Lay out the prefold.


Fold one side toward the middle.


Now the other side.


Fan out the top.


Fold the bottom inward (for maximum absorbency where needed.)


Place inside cover. Voila!

Sunday, June 13

Cloth Diapers

I've been thinking about doing it for a long time. A few days ago I finally got up the nerve to order some. Here's what I got:

A 5-pack of Kushies All-in-One diapers from I've read that it's smart to have a few around AND I was afraid Mike wouldn't help me diaper without them. LOL


Mother-Ease One Size (Introductory Offer). Actually, I had bought this a while ago. I was hoping to use it with *L* for naptime, but it was too small.


From Cottonbabies, I ordered 1 Thirsties cover and 2 Econobum covers...


12 Indian Prefolds...


... and 2 Snappis.


I really like the Econobum cover with prefolds. (I haven't used the Thirsties yet.) I haven't been able to figure out the snappi, the baby won't lay still long enough... hmm maybe I should practice after he's already asleep. =)