Tuesday, January 27

Homemade Disinfectant

I found the recipe on this site, scroll down to #14.

2C. water
a dribble of Polmolive
1/2 tsp Orange Essential Oil
1/2 tsp Tea Tree Oil

Saturday, January 24

Mid-Year Changes

At the beginning of the school year, *B* was using LLATL Yellow for Language Arts. I didn't feel that she was "getting it" so we dropped it and started PLL. Lately she's been dredding PLL and begging to start LLATL again. Language Arts is now one of her favorite subjects!
For math she had been using BJU Math 3. It just hasn't been enough. I bought the extra workbooks, but it's just not sinking in. The *plan* has always been to start Saxon 5/4 in 4th grade. I figured we'd just go ahead and switch to Saxon 3 now. (I don't know why I didn't just start with Saxon K. DUH!!) She is completing Math Mammoth Multiplication 1 and Intro to Fractions, then we'll start with the 2nd workbook of Saxon 3. 

Read 1/2 of Chapter 19: The War of 1812, from A Child's Story of America.

*B* & *C* - Latin's Not So Tough 1: X, Y, Z

Language Arts:
*B* - LLATL Yellow Lesson 9 focussed on writing a friendly letter.
*C* - nothing this week, since we've stopped PLL I don't know what to do!
*T* - Plaid Phonics K, Letter Mm, reviewed Ss & Tt

*B* - Math Mammoth Multiplication 1 (Many Times the Same Group, Multiplication and Addition, Multiplication as an Array) and Intro to Fractions (Dividing into Two Parts - Halves)
*C* - Horizons Math 2, Tests 4, 5, & 6.
*T* - worked on Number Recognition

That's about it. It'll be a few weeks before I'm feeling better, so we're just doing what we can!

Friday, January 23

Homemade Soft Scrub/Hand Cleaner

I got the idea from Rhonda. Thank You!!

1 box Baking Soda
Murphy's Oil Soap
1/2 C. Water
5 drops Tea Tree Oil (optional)

Pour Baking Soda into bowl 
Add Murphy's Oil Soap until it's the consistency of icing. 
Stir in a few drops of Tea Tree Oil (or any essential oil)
Mix together with 1/2C. water
Pour into a clean squeezable bottle
Shake well before each use

I used Tea Tree Oil because it's well known for it's antibacterial properties... and I happened to have some. 

My husband is a welder and it's hard to find a soap that will get the stains from his hands without almost tearing his skin off... THIS WORKS!! He squirted a little on his knuckles, rubbed it in, and the dirt literally disappeared! 

ABCs, Describing Me

Baby coming!
Dedicated to my family
Ever changing 
Five children
Good girl
Homeschool my kids
Inherited poor eyesight
Joke a lot
Kind hearted
Love to knit
Ohio (27 years)
Tennessee (almost 2 years)
Unsad :)
Very shy
Went to public school
eXhausted most days
Yellow sunflowers, my fave!
Zombie-like state :)

Thursday, January 22

Plumbing Problems

We have one full bath upstairs, and one full bath downstairs. Laundry is on the 1st floor.

Everytime I did laundry it backed up into the downstairs bathtub. It was never much and it always went right down, so I never worried much about it. Until one day about 2 weeks ago... the bathtub had overflowed!! Only we didn't know it until the next morning.

The Landlord sent a "handyman" out to snake the pipes and he couldn't find anything. So, she had a plumber come out. Apparently, the toilets went to the septic tank and the bathtubs, sinks, and washer drained to a dry well. Our dry well must've been full. He had to dig up our yard to reroute the pipes and have everything drain to the septic tank. He had no idea where any of the pipes were so he was doing some exploratory digging!!

This is what we ended up with:

But the kids enjoyed it!!

Powdered Laundry Soap

As you may recall, I made Liquid Laundry Soap at the beginning of December. I gave 1/2 of it away, so it was time to make more. Kysha had mentioned that she makes the powdered version, so I thought I'd try it to see which I like better. I have to admit it's easier!

2C. finely shredded soap
(I used Octagon.)
1C. Washing Soda
1C. Borax

Use 2T per load.

My Wish List for 09/10

As Tax Return is right around the corner, I've been thinking and re-thinking next year's curriculum choices. I'm pretty sure that this is the finalized plan.

Please let me know if it looks like I've forgotten something!!

Explorer's Bible Study:
*B* & *C*
~ Bible Discovery: In the Beginning (Genesis)
~ Bible Foundations: Old Testament Overview

The Story of the World, Vol. 1: Ancient Times
~ with Activity Guide
Usborne Encyclopedia of World History
Life in Ancient Egypt Coloring Book
Life in Ancient Greece Coloring Book
Life in Ancient Rome Coloring Book

History Read Alouds:
Mara, Daughter of the Nile
The Children's Homer
The Bronze Bow
plus other library books

Ancient Science
R.E.A.L. Science - Life, Level 1 (still not 100% on this)
The Kingfisher First Encyclopedia of Animals (mainly for *T*)

*B* ~ Saxon 5 / 4 with D.I.V.E. CD
*C* ~ Saxon 3 Home Study Kit
*T* ~ Saxon 1 Home Study Kit

Language Arts:
~ LLATL - Orange
~ Spectrum Writing, Grade 4
~ LLATL - Yellow
~ Spectrum Writing, Grade 3
~ Language Lessons for Little Ones, vol. 2*
~ Plaid Phonics A (maybe, I'll have to actually look at LL first)

Cursive Writing/Picture Study:
*B* & *C* ~ Pictures in Cursive*

Latin (*B* & *C*):
Matin Latin 1 TE
& Student Books

French (*B* & *C*):
Ecoutez, Parlez! Level 1
& workbook

Living Memory

Typing (*B*):
Typing Instructor for Kids

* Queen Homeschool products are linked to the website. You have to click on the appropriate category (listed on the left of the webpage) to see the actual product.

Thursday, January 15

School Days

We're supposed to post school pictures.

This isn't a school pic, but I couldn't resist.
(about 1983)

First Grade

Yes, my hair really was that short. I wanted it "cut like a boy."

This might be 4th.
(1988 or 1989)

My hair is actually in a French Braid.

About 1988.

Monday, January 12

Still here, I promise!

Wow, it's been 11 days since I last posted. I have not dropped from the face of the earth!

Morning Sickness has started to creep in. It's not terrible, but bad enough that I've been doing a lot of NOTHING.

Last week school was 2 days.

History: We read from American Pioneers and Patriots about traveling up (or would it be down) the Ohio River to a new home. On that section the only thing we have to complete is the OH state sheet. They also read a bit about Lewis and Clark.

Math: *B* has done 2 lessons, but I'm anxious to quit BJU. She's really not getting it.
I've been having *C* do the tests in Horizons. He did 2 last week. He's so good at math that I can't see him doing all of the worksheets if he knows the answers! So I'm using the tests more as a pretest. If he misses a concept then we'll go over it and do some practice and move on.

*T* did his phonics worksheets from Plaid Phonics.

Thursday, January 1

Mom's Christmas Present

She got it today, so now I can post pictures.


The dishcloth has a sun on it. It's kind of hard to see in the pic. You can see it much better on the website where I found the pattern.