Wednesday, April 29

Ohio ~ April 2009

I know, I know... I'm a little behind, but here are some pics from the trip.

We got there on Monday, April 6 about 6pm. Mike had a surprise Graduation Party waiting for him.


Mike's Graduation

Mike's Graduation

We also celebrated my birthday...

My birthday cake 29 candles

Quit trying to count them... there's 29. :)

Here's my Easter HAM


We visited MY Grandma and Papaw.

Gma and Papaw Barker w/kids

Played at the park.


Went to the Museum. (I'm pretty sure all of those kids were with us.)



This is me climbing the net/rope thing with *L*. It goes from the ground floor to the 2nd floor.

Mommy and Levi

This is my mom (Nana) climbing with him.

Nana and Levi

We had a lot of fun. It was nice to visit with everyone. My mom actually has more pictures that she can't figure out how to send me. :)

Tuesday, April 28

MOVED! Whew!!

We're all done moving. LOTS left to unpack, I still have to clean the new place, and my couch and loveseat wouldln't fit in the door. BUT WE'RE MOVED!

I'll post some pictures later. If I did it now all you'd see is boxes. :)

Thursday, April 23

We're Moving!

I don't know how long I'll be without the internet, so don't worry about me. :)

Wednesday, April 22

Revised Homemade Laundry Soap

While we were in OH my mom and Memaw bought us (mainly the kids) a lot of thrift store clothes. My mom wanted to wash them for us so I had to buy commercial soap. I loved the way my clothes smelled. She sent the rest home with me and I used a little and was seriously contemplating buying detergent JUST for the smell. (Octagon just doesn't give your clothes that fresh clean smell.)

So then I had this brilliant idea... what kind of "smelly good" soap could I add to my detergent? I also wondered if Fels-Naptha smelled better, but I didn't know where to find it.

I went to get more Octagon and Food City didn't have any in the laundry aisle. Bummer! So I went to the hand/body soap section to see what I might be able to "add in" to my detergent. GUESS WHAT I FOUND! FELS-NAPTHA! I was so excited. (Isn't it funny what moms can be exicted about.) It really does smell 100x better than Octagon.

Here's my new, very smelly good recipe for Powdered Laundry Soap:

1C. Fels-Naptha (very finely grated)
1C. Kirk's Original Coco Castile (very finely grated)

1C. Borax

1C. Super Washing Soda

USE 1 heaping Tablespoon per load.

PS: if you click "homemade" below, you can see my other posts on laundry soap.

Monday, April 20

Hydronephrosis of Pregnancy

I've got it again.

When I was around 7 months pregnant with *L* I went to the hospital with excruciating pain in my back. I was hospitalized for 3 days so that they could monitor my pain and give me meds.

Before that I had NEVER heard of 'hydronephrosis of pregnancy'. Apparently it's not unusual, the nurses were all surprised that I hadn't had it with any of my first 3 kids.

Hydronephrosis is explained very well here. Basically the baby is kinking my ureters (the tubes going from kidney to bladder) and that causes my kidney to get backed up. Unfortunately, there's really nothing they can do since it will fix itself after the baby is born.

The things we go through to have kids... :)

Thursday, April 16

Weekly Schedule

I noticed that I fell WAY behind looping, so this is my more structured schedule. I've left Fridays wide open for stuff that still needs to be accomplished for the week. After we move and are back to school in full swing, I'm going to try the suggested schedule in the CtG manual first, but this is everything that needs to be finished each day. Much easier for me to comprehend. :)

Monday, April 6

It's a boy!!

Well, we all wanted a girl, but God knows the desires of our hearts better than we do. I was thinking about their teenage years... I'm going to have dd20, ds19, ds18, ds15, ds12. WOW!

She got a good picture of his legs stretched out... and I saw it. Then a little later, she said, "Do we want to know what it is?" I said, "Yes." So, she showed us his little boy parts. :)

He wouldn't be still long enough to get a picture, but we know what we saw. When she tried to get the picture, he crossed his ankles and hid his little boy parts. Boys are so stubborn.

Friday, April 3

More Grocery Store Books

I paid $1, Savings $5.99

I paid $.50, Savings $2.49

I paid $2.00, Savings 10.44

I paid $2.00, Savings 9.55


Thursday, April 2

Breathe Right

These things are great! I hate taking any kind of medicine anyway, but being pregnant I have to be extra careful. I haven't been able to breathe for the last day or so, tonight I pulled out the nifty nose holders.

I'm telling you what... instant relief!! I can breathe!! I still can't believe how effective they are. (Yes, I am using the kids strips... they fit me fine.)

Wednesday, April 1