Sunday, June 29

/s/, /s/, sun

This was my buddy's first week of Kindergarten. ("Officially" it will start August 4.)

We've tried so many different phonics "programs" up to this point, I thought all hope was gone. He's just too much of a Wiggly Willy. (Here is an excellent site explaining Learning Styles.)

Then, I decided to check into MFW Kindergarten. It is awesome! I really can't think of a better word. I wish that I could go back in time and use it for the older two.

*T* is so excited that today (Sunday) he got upset when I said we weren't "doing Kindergarten."

On Day 6, we read Moonbear's Shadow, by Frank Asch.

Thursday, June 26

Adventures in MFW ~ week 4

I didn't post about week 3, sorry.

This week we read North American Indians, by Marie and Douglas Gorsline. One of the projects was to make a wigwam, and another was to make a tee pee. The wigwam was kind of hard. They enjoyed it at first but then it got a little tedious.

In order of appearance: Mom, *B*, *C*, *T*
I actually ended up finishing T's, he got bored with it. I think next time I wouldn't use construction paper. Something thinner, easier to manipulate.

I got some books about Cherokee Indians from the Library, since they were prominent in this area. I wanted to localize it a little. Hopefully in the next week or so we'll be able to make the 2 hour drive to Cherokee, NC. (One of my favorite places.)

I think the most important discovery this week was that Singapore is just not working out. As much as I (the mother, teacher) love it, I can't make my children suffer any longer. I ordered BJU Math for *B* and *C* to start the beginning of our school year (Aug 1).

In the meantime, *B* will be working Math Mammoth: Add & Subtract 2A/2B. Book 2B has it's emphasis on carrying and borrowing, which is where we hit a wall in Singapore.

Monday, June 23

A Reading Baby (almost)

Did you read my prediction about the baby? In a few words, he will be reading before he's 4 years old. They boy can't even talk yet, but he's making letter sounds!

*T* and I started MFW K. The first lesson is /s/, /s/, sun. After the lesson, *L* was running around the house saying, "/s/." So, I got a foam letter s and when I handed it to him I said, "/s/." He's been carrying it around and playing with it. When I ask him what that is, he says, "/s/," and smiles.

Sunday, June 22

Scheduling ADV and MFW K

I've been mulling over how to schedule Adventures in My Father's World and My Father's World Kindergarten. This is what I've come up with, but we'll see how it works out.

6:00 ~ Mama gets up, does morning routine

7:00 ~ Kids get up, eat, do morning chores

8:00 ~ 100 Chart & count sticks
Calendar- B & C: copy day, month 30, 2008.
- T: write number in correct box

8:30 ~ Bible lesson from ADV

8:45 ~ Math

9:30 ~ History/Science from ADV

10:15 ~ Handwriting

10:30 ~ Language Arts

11:00 ~ Lunch, afternoon chores, L-nap

12:15 ~ Latin

12:30 ~ Reading
- T: MFW K
- B & C: Assigned Reading, Phonics/Spelling, Book Basket

2:00 ~ Wake daddy up, break until after daddy goes to work.

6:30 ~ K Activity; Baths/Snacks; evening chores

8:00 ~ Read Aloud & Bed

Friday will be Library Day, since ADV doesn't schedule any reading/activities. I still haven't figured out exactly what to do with *L*, I guess we'll work it out somehow.

Saturday, June 21

Natural Tunnel, VA

My Grandma (who lives in OH) called and wanted to know if we would like to meet her (and my Papaw) at Natural Tunnel State Park in Virginia. I said, "Sure!"

This is Lover's Leap. Papaw said that he "scaled the cliff" on a dare!

This is the Tunnel. It's just to the left of Lover's Leap.

Here's a look inside the Tunnel.

"Choo! Choo!"

To see the rest of the pics click here.

Friday, June 20

Meeting Rick Strickland...

A couple at church own a restaurant and every Friday night they have live Gospel music. Tonight the guest was Rick Strickland. He is an awesome singer and wonderful person.

Here he was singing Jesus Loves the Little Children & Jesus Loves Me. My kids got in on the action! :)

Thursday, June 19

Any takers?

L to R: Theodora (f), Rascal (f), Rocky (m), Woody (m) and Patrick (m) - the two brown faces, I can't tell from the pic which is which - Nyia (f), Cool Dude (m), Jack (m).

Click here to see more pics!

In the Hospital

*T* was in the hospital on June 8 & 9. He had ingested something that contained tricyclics, commonly found in anti-anxiety medication or anti-depressants. It ended up being a muscle relaxer and, by the GRACE OF GOD, he's fine. They kept him overnight hooked up to heart and breathing monitors. Now all of our medication is under lock and key!

We don't have a video game machine at home... so he played the entire time he was awake!!

Wednesday, June 4

In the Eagle's Nest

They were all saying, "kaw.... kaw.... kaw...." even the baby! :)