Sunday, October 28

Week 9 Report ~ End Term 1

Not much really happened this week. We did our lapbook, and a little bit of math and other stuff. We've been reading ... If You Sailed on the Mayflower in 1620.
The kids really enjoy it. I love hearing "Did that really happen?" When we're done, we'll read If you were at...The First Thanksgiving. I'm going to have to read about 20 pages a day to get done by Thanksgiving (which is the goal).

Check out our first lapbook below.

Friday, October 26

Our First LapBook!

I was so excited when we finished our first lapbook. The kids really enjoyed it. They looked forward to the mini book everyday!! :)

Saturday, October 20

Week 8 Report

I hate to say that we only got about 1/2 done this week. I found lots of mice "stuff" and I went on a cleaning kick.

B passed her spelling pretest again. She needs more practice in subtraction before we can really move on to the next section of 1A. I did make some number bond flash cards, she likes looking at them. I also made some Number Bond copywork pages that I'll start having her do next week.

C was extremely excited to start his new math book. He's doing very well. It's helping his reading along too, because he wants to read his own directions (like his sister does.)

We finished "Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH" so I let them watch the movie. I had forgotten how different it was. Poor kids were confused. :) "I thought Jenner wasn't in the book." They just couldn't get over that one. *My* main question is: If the rats don't age normally why was Nicodemus so OLD, and Jenner was fairly young.

This is why I hate it when I watch a movie that was a book. The only movie that I've ever truly been satisfied with is "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardorbe."

I finally got my books from CBD and I will be starting our Science and Earth books next week. I did some researching on lapbooks today and I really want to do them. I think the kids will enjoy it.

Friday, October 12

Week 7 Report

Well, I have to say this week went great! Our 7th week, and the first one that I actually finished EVERYTHING I planned. It's so wonderful!

History/Geography: I bought History for Little Pilgrims and I really like it, but we will be done in just a few weeks. I wanted them to have a general overview of history before we began to dig into a particular era.

This is what we did as I'm waiting for my new book from CBD
called The Earth.

Science: There again I'm waiting on a book called Science. So this week we read a section from my Usborne Science Encyclopedia.

Bible: We've read 5 stories from our Egermeier Bible Story Book. Mostly about Abram this week. We always color a picture to go with it. I don't want "Bible" to become dull or dreaded so I don't require anything.

Music: We read from Meet the Great Composers about Bach this week. Well, I read while the CD was on repeat. My plan is 1Composer a month. We'll see what happens.

B ~ grade 2

English: She started English for the Thoughtful Child this week. We were using First Language Lessons and she was doing fine, but I wanted a less intensive approach.

Reading: This week she started reading one section of Christian Liberty Nature Reader and then she copies the sentence of her choice.

Spelling: I've been having her take a "pretest" and if she gets the majority of them right she doesn't have to do her lesson. This week she only got one wrong. So, NO LESSON THIS WEEK.

Math: She worked through subtraction within 10 in Singapore PM 1A. Honestly, she did a lot better than I thought she would. She's just not very mathematically inclined.

C ~ grade 1

Reading: C read Green Eggs and Ham for the first time on Monday. He's also working through OPG. He's doing well.

Phonics: C just loves Explode the Code.

Math: He finished Earlybird 2B and started PM 1A on Friday. He is my math whiz. It won't be long before he surpasses his sister.

T ~ K4
I don't have too much actually "set" for him to do. He's at the table with Preschool workbooks though (his choice) the whole time we're working.

Monday, October 1

Address Practice

I know that you know what these are... My kids LOVE to fill them out. In fact, I didn't realize that my daughter (2nd grade) knew her complete address. We moved in May and I just haven't worked with her yet. I was surprised when I found a BUNCH of these things filled out...correctly!!