Friday, March 12

Chinese Pregnancy Calendar

I looked at this chart - just for fun - to see how accurate it was. EVERY SINGLE ONE of my children were predicted correctly. Isn't that funny?

Also, just for fun, I checked the miscarriage that I had... according to the chart it would have been a boy.

Check it out and leave a comment on how accurate it is. :)

Disclaimer - I seriously do not believe in this stuff. I believe that GOD is the only one who can determine the gender of a child. - Just so you know... :)

Tuesday, March 9

Baby Bells

I started (and actually finished) knitting these little pants when I was pregnant with Baby Z. We found out he was a boy :) so I never sewed up the seams. They are finally finished!! A friend of mine is going to give them to someone she knows that just had a baby girl.
I got the pattern from The Blue Blog Patterns.

ETA: Baby wearing the pants. 
baby bells with baby