Sunday, August 8

Ambleside Online - Year 1

This is what Shark will be doing this year.

Bible - King James Version

History -
AO Y1 History

American History Biography - borrow from Library

Geography -
AO Y1 Geography

Natural History/Science -
AO Y1 Science

Phonics -
ABeCeDarian Level A and Learning Language Arts Through Literature: Blue Book

Math -
A Beka Arithmetic 1

Literature -
Will read Parables from Nature online.

AO Y1 Literature

Term 1 - Fine Arts

Artist Study -
I don't know exactly which pieces we will study, but I think a good portion of our time will be spent on the Sistine Chapel.

Artist Study
*as a side note, the pictures in the coloring book are very... well... nude. My husband and I are OK with that, but I know some parents aren't... you have been warned. =)

Music Study -
We're going to do an Introduction to the Orchestra using Peter and the Wolf.

Peter and the Wolf Coloring

Art Instruction - I've had Lamb's Book of ART 1 for about a year. We never got to it last year and this year I am determined to make it work!!

Saturday, August 7

Paddle to the Sea: Map

After some extensive internet searches I came up with no suitable map for Paddle to the I made one. Please let me know if you find these helpful. =)
Paddle Map Bw

Paddle Map Color