Monday, February 8

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I'm working on a new blog dedicated to homeschooling. I will still use this address for all things NOT homeschool.

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Saturday, February 6

Week 20 Highlights


February 1-6, 2010

More about Joseph this week. Genesis 43-46 and corresponding pages from Journey Through the Bible.
First we read, "After the Heroic Age," from Young Folks' History of Greece by Charlotte Yonge. In theory it was a good idea, but quite honestly it was a little hard to follow. Maybe I was tired or something. So we explored Ancient Greeks on the BBC website and that reviewed a lot of what was just read. Then, from Famous Men of Greece, we read "Lycurgus" (Sparta) and "Draco & Solon" (Athens). To help summarize the two city-states we read from Story of the World v1, chapter 22. We also looked at corresponding pages from Usborne's Greeks.
Nothing this week. We are getting ready to start a unit on birds.
The Iliad for Boys and Girls by Alfred Church. We listened to chapters 1-6.
Cautionary Tales for Children by Hilaire Belloc . We read the intro and the first chapter.
We reviewed the first story of Minimus chapter 1.
Greek Alphabet Code Cracker by Dr. Christopher Perrin. We completed Unit 1 which is basically an overview or introduction to the alphabeta.
*T* began Go For the Code this week. He worked on the letter c.

*C* did PLL lessons 9-11

*B* did PLL lessons 16-19
*T* learned about number bonds this week. He got it a lot easier than I thought he would.
1A: exercises 7-10

*C* was supposed to learn mental addition strategies, but he said, "Mommy I already do that when I add numbers." So I guess it was more of a review. :)
2B: Unit 7, exercises 4-7

*B* did word problems using bar models.
3A: Unit 2, exercises 9 & 10

Wednesday, February 3