Monday, April 28

Adventures in MFW ~ Week 2

Week two went just as wonderfully as week 1!! We had a few things come up that pushed us back a day or two, so we ended up doing some catch up work on Sunday.

This week the focus was on Christopher Columbus and his voyage. They learned the rhyme:

In fourteen hundred ninety-two,
Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

This is the first timeline figure that I made. The one we actually used is slightly modified. I drew 3 ships and wrote: 1492 Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue (to N. America). I made two of these and put one on our American History timeline and one on our World History Timeline. They love seeing how these match up!

Wednesday, April 23

Wordless Wednesday 4/23/08

This boy can fall asleep anywhere! This was during the little movie at the Andrew Johnson Museum.

Sunday, April 20

Adventures in MFW ~ Week 1

I'm so happy! I believe we've found *it*!! Just what I've been looking for. It's not terribly teacher intensive, yet there are a variety of activities! I love it!

Last Sunday we had puppies... that was a learning experience for us all!!

Monday we started Adventures in My Father's World. We talked about names and the fact that they have meaning. We chose to do an activity not listed... We made bookmarks with our names, then decorated them with stickers. On the back I wrote what the names mean. The best part was that I got to use my nifty laminating machine when we were done!! :). Here's mine:

I think that they had the most fun on Thursday when we talked about Leif Eriksson. I read the assigned pages from Exploring American History, and we discussed the origin of Vikings. They had fun retelling me (with the World map) the exact route that was taken. Here is the figure we added to our American History Timeline.

Today (Sunday) we finished with our Science Experiment that was supposed to be completed on Thursday. Will an egg float in regular water? Will it float in salt water?

Monday, April 14


The day has finally come!

Michael was leaving for work (6pm), he looked over at the dog, and saw 4 puppies! I ran inside trying to figure out what to do with them. He then informed me that #5 was coming out!

Michael left for work and I brought puppy #5 and Charlie inside. About 30 minutes later #6 came along. Around 8:30 the little one came. Now, I have no idea when #8 arrived. I started counting and there was 8. I recounted just to make sure. There were still 8.

UPDATED: We have 6 boys and 2 girls. The two at the bottom are girls.

Friday, April 11

Weekly Report

Our Big News!! We're going to start Adventures in My Father's World on Monday. I really do think that this is *it*. I've been searching and searching for the right Unit Study. We tried KONOS a few weeks/months ago, and it was good... but not quite what I want/need.

*B* has been doing HWT Cursive and her printing has improved 200%. I'm so proud of her! And after 2 weeks of LLATL Yellow, she can do the entire copywork in one sitting. Yay!

*C* finished Singapore PM 1A today. He will begin 1B on Monday. He worked on more than assigned so that he could get it finished by today. He's such a math geek! :)

*T* started Singapore's Essential Math book A, and he's loving it! I like it a lot better than the Earlybird Math series. He also started his HWT Preschool book.

*L* is just ornery. He's climbing on everything! I'll catch him standing in the middle of the dinner table just clapping...

Thursday, April 3

10 Things About MEme ... get it? :)

Well, she finally did it. Beth at Acorn Hill Academy has tagged me before I could get to her.

Here are the rules: You have to tag 5 people and you can't tag the person that tagged you. You leave them a comment on their blog letting them know you are tagging them and why. Also, direct them to your blog for instructions. It is also asked that you notify the tagger when you post your list so that they can enjoy reading the responses.

Here we go...

1. Hi, my name is Audrey, and I am a curriculum junkie.

2. I would love to own a Homeschool Bookstore. Buy and Sell used (and new) curriculum. This is probably to justify #1. :)

3. I lived in one house until I got married and have moved just about every year since! (8 1/2 years, on our 9th home)

4. I attended Cedarville College (before it turned University) for 1 year.

5. I met Kevin Bacon when I was pregnant with *B*. He was staying at the same Holiday Inn in Cleveland, OH.

6. I've never travelled west of the Mississippi River, but I will in a couple of weeks. (Visiting my mom in TX.)

7. I'm terrified of bridges. No clue why, I just am.

8. I had a crush on my best friend's cousin from the time I was 12 until I met my husband at 19. In high school, when the class was reading Romeo and Juliet my friends compared my crush to Romeo's with Rosaline.

9. My mom is my biological mom, my dad adopted me when I was 9. (My mom and dad did get married when I was 18m old though.)

10. I like to listen to Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus. I guess that was more like a confession. :)

That was so much harder than it looked! My lucky five are:

Brittney, Lisa, Lee, Tina, and Lorna.

PLEASE! PLEASE! Leave a comment to let me know you've done it! Thanks and Have Fun!!