Friday, September 28

My Little Helper

He's pulling himself up now, when I got to him a few of my school books were on the floor.

Here he decided to take the clothes OUT of the dryer as I was putting them IN.

Monday, September 24

Bays Mountain

Entrance to Bays Mountain

Looking at the fishies.

Freshwater Jellyfish.

All of the kiddles

They loved seeing the turtles

Up Close and Personal with the Big Bad Wolf

The ones on the left are mine

Checking out the live snakes

The Snake Lady

This was the 4th time he touched the snake. My camera wasn't ready the first 3.

The King Snake.
Not Poisonous, and immune to other snake venom.

On the dam.

Tuesday, September 18

Choosing an Option

Every homeschooler's dream is to educate their own children with no outside interference. Although this is nearly impossible, I thought I had it made in Ohio. All I had to do was notify the school board, promise to teach 900 hours a year, and have a portfolio examined by a certified teacher at the end of the year. The only "test" that my children would have HAD to take is the GED. (Ohio Law)

In Tennessee, if I chose to notify the school board, as I did in Ohio, our lives would be too "controlled" for my tastes. AND when it came time for High School, I wouldn't be able to teach them without a baccalaureate degree, this was the most disappointing. (Tennessee Law)

Then, my eyes were opened to the options involving a Church-Related School. This was exactly what I had been looking for. (I had been under the MISTAKEN impression that, if you used a CRS, you could not choose your own curriculum.) We registered with Home Life Academy and I feel such peace about the decision we made.

Requirements: Register and submit grades and attendance twice a year. AND I can educate my children through graduation when they will receive a High School Diploma!!

I'm so glad that God led us to the option that was right for our family.