Saturday, September 27

My Grocery Store Find

Check this out. I went to the grocery store... not like Walmart Supercenter, just the regular old grocery. I paid $1.50 for 5 of the books and Peter Pan was $1 AND it came with a Tinker Bell necklace.
These are full unabridged versions.

AND to top it all off, I got a free 2 Liter of Pepsi. There was a little note attached to the Pepsi that said, "If I don't ask you about purchasing the new Halloween Oreos, you get a 2 Liter of Pepsi free." So after she said, "Have a good day." I said, "Do I get a free Pepsi?" She had the "oh man I forgot" look on her face and said, "Yes." :)

Friday, September 26

Adventures in MFW ~ week 12

Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia
Our first week of State Study! euge! My version of MFW uses a Dover Coloring Book for the state pages. I printed the state flags (onto sticker paper) from Enchanted Learning.

They wanted to make a "State Book" instead of putting the pages into their history notebooks. And these are the books I got from the library. I went ahead and got all of the 13 colonies.

In science, we will be coordinating bird study to match the state birds. Most of our readings come from Birds, Nests, and Eggs. This week we read about the American Gold Finch.
This week's picture study: A Sunday Afternoon on the island of La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat. We read the info here, looked at it "far" and "close" here...

... and colored the picture. Using crayons sort of made it look like lots of dots.

We had a pretty light week. Daddy was cut to 30 hours at work for a few weeks, so we have to adjust to a new schedule.
*B* took chapter 3 math test and did ok. I wasn't very happy, but at least it was something fairly easy. She has a hard time "getting" easy stuff. Anyway, so she also did some Math Mammoth worksheets for extra practice. After I felt she really grasped estimation, we moved on. She completed lesson 27 (meter) and lesson 28 (decimeter).
*C* started Horizons Math grade 2. He did lessons 1-7. He can't wait to get to lesson 10, because it's a test! Crazy boy!
...And that's all she wrote!

Wednesday, September 24

Summer Photo Essay

I'm going to start "summer" in May. That's when we went to Texas. If I don't include that I probably won't have many pics!
We stopped in New Orleans, it was a LONG drive! We stayed at the Hilton on St. Charles Ave. We could see the Super Dome from our room (on the 17th floor.)

The next morning we hit the Aquarium. We had to spend a little time in New Orleans in order to be in Houston by the time my mom got off of work.

The next day we went to the Space Center in Houston.

We also made it to the Houston Zoo.

We did lots of stuff! (We were there 2 weeks.) We made it to Galveston...

...and Kemah. This is the hotdog stand where we spent $50! The boys that worked it couldn't believe that we spent that much.

After all that, our summer was pretty boring. We made it to the Natural Tunnel in VA a couple of times. That's my cousin.

Like I said earlier, if it hadn't been for Texas then I wouldn't have had much of a post!

Another Blog Award

If Rhonda doesn't stop this I'm going to get a big head! Seriously, THANK YOU!!

Saturday, September 20

Adventures in MFW ~ week 11

First of all I have to say that I LOVE the loop schedule! We got so much done! It's nice to just do one thing if that's all I can squeeze into a certain time frame. Again, wow!

In History this week our focus was George Washington. We finished reading Meet George Washington, and A Child's Story of America pages 99-107. In CSA, we learned about the branches of government, how they work, and George Washington as our first President.

They traced the picture and we looked up the dates in a president book that I have.

Our picture study this week has been "Starry Night" by Van Gogh. We read a bit about him from VM Hillyer's Child's History of Art. After that they colored this page from Enchanted Learning.

We've been studying Tchaikovsky and this week we listened to some music from the Nutcracker.

We actually got to do science this week! Thank you loop inventor! We started chapter 9 on insects. After each section the kids wrote a little bit in their composition books. They also are labeling an insect from Enchanted Learning. The coolest thing is that I got these from Dollar General for 60 cents (how do you make the little cent sign?) each!

In Latin, we did chapter 6 in SSL. We're having fun remembering that "vir" is man, because daddy is a man and he is "weird." :) *C* said "puer" and *L* ran to get Pooh Bear. LOL! They've done 1 page per day in Latin's Not So Tough. We're working on Chapter 3 in Minimus. Just a minute ago *B* said, "quid facis?" I said, "Stuff." She said, "You mean stuffius." Followed by a giggle.

In math, *B* did lessons 23-26 and Monday she will take the Chapter 3 test. I had *C* take the grade 2 readiness test for Horizons and he only missed a few. So, Monday we'll start the grade 2 book. I really only started with grade 1: book 2, because I wanted to make sure that he was ready. He is. *T* did lesson 14 in Horizons K. I found some worksheets leftover from MUS Primer, and I'm having him do some of those. He really needs more practice with number recognition.

Oh, and even though we're doing the loop we've been starting each day with Bible readings. We're using Penny Gardner's compiled list.

On a side note... I've finished the first chapter of Sense and Sensibility! euge!

Tot School, week 2

We were lazy this week.
We actually did get something done though.

Thursday, September 18

I made a favicon!!

I'm so excited!! Do you see it?? It's my blogoversary present to myself.
I followed the instructions here and made my icon here.

Happy Blogoversary to ME!

Wow! One year... who'd a thunk it?
My very first post was about the differences between homeschooling in OH and TN. I remember sitting at my computer with one of the pre-made blogger templates. (Look at me now! I'm venturing into XHTML territory.) I stared at my screen for a good 30 minutes before I even had an inkling of an idea about what to write. My first post had to mean something. Now I write about stupid stuff... like a 1 year blogoversary.

Wednesday, September 17

My Favourite (Homeschool) Things!

Mmm... that Dr. Pepper looks yummy... I may have to go get one.
First I'll mention the FREE stuff. We all love free stuff, right?
~ Google Books
~ The Baldwin Project (This one is probably my favorite.)
~ Currclick (I also get their freebie of the week.)
~ Homeschool Freebie of the Day
~ Notebooking
~ Imagination Library (Not available in all areas.)
Homeschool News/Informative:
~ Tn Home Ed
Forums/Book Clubs:
~ SCM Community Forum (Charlotte Mason)
~ WTM Forum (Classical Education)
~ My Father's World
~ Book Mooch
Blog Tech Support:
~ Blogger University
~ Blogger for Dummies
~ Tips for New Bloggers
~ White House Kids
~ Kids Answers (Answers in Genesis)
~ National Geographic Kids
~ Homeschool Memoirs (of course)
~ Wordless Wednesday
~ and the occasional "tag" meme
Bible Focused:
~ Answers in Genesis
~ Blue Letter Bible (search text)
Homeschool Method:
~ Basically Beechick (yahoo group)
~ Simply Charlotte Mason
~ Well-Trained Mind

Friday, September 12

The Loop is Scheduled

Here's Adv week 11 all worked out with the loop. Btw, you can view a sample of week 11 at MFW. I'll update this post when I've got the Independent work all figured out.

Adventures in MFW ~ week 10 1/2

We had a light week. Mostly, we did some local history and a little bit of math and language.
I printed this map from the American Revoluntion sample at Homeschool In The Woods.

Tonight we will finish reading Lizzie and the Redcoat. I highly recommend it! We also read The Nutcracker Ballet, as we've been studying Tchaikovsky.
We did a few pages of math and 1 lesson from PLL. This week's copywork was "Jack Sprat."

The highlight of our week was the walking tour of Greeneville, TN. We really did most of the tour but paid special attention to the items related to our studies.
General John Morgan (Civl War) was killed across the street from this church. There's still a cannon ball from that day stuck in the front. Cool, huh?!

Now to the neatest part of the tour. The "Old Greene County Gaol" (Jail).

Here's an excerpt from the Walking Tour Pamphlet:
Originally built in 1804-05 the stone jail was in the middle of Depot Street near the Andrew Johnson Tailor Shop. The rear of the jail was nearly touching Richland Creek... In 1838the old stone jail, in its entirety, was torn down and moved, stone by stone, to the present site. In 1882 [they] erected a red brick second story to the stone jail.
The funniest thing about the jail is that it's smack dab in the middle of the parking lot for the present jail. I mean literally, right in the middle of the parking lot. Cracked me up! Here is the current jail, on the original site of the old gaol. (I took the pic standing in front of the Tailor Shop.)