Thursday, April 14

Writing With Ease

I received my copy of Writing With Ease today. I've resisted the temptation for so long, but I'm glad I have it now. It really is a wonderful book, and I think it will complement LLATL very nicely.

When *B* started 1st grade I followed The Well-Trained Mind exactly. Since then, I've eased up a lot in the area of Language Arts. (Ruth Beechick helped me to see the error of my way.) So, when I saw that Susan Wise Bauer had come out with a writing program I was very hesitant.

I caved. I bought a copy and I LOVE it!! We're starting evaluations tomorrow. I'm pretty sure that *B* will be able to start on Level 2, I don't have high hopes for Level 3. I do think that this will help a lot before moving into Writing Strands, as I had planned.

Homeschool Notebooking

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~ Famous Men of Greece
   Greek/Roman gods Chart


I hope you find these useful!

End of Homeschooling

I'm changing my blog around so I wanted to convert this former page into a post so that the information is not lost.

These are the homeschool materials that we used at the end of our homeschool journey.

Left to Right: CJ, Levi, Rebekah, Trey
Front: Zachary
Theology ~ IPHC Articles of Faith
Hymn Study
 Art Instruction ~ Lamb's Book of ART I
Composer Study ~Mozart
Picture Study

My Father's World: Rome to the Reformation ~ We started in week 14, since we just finished studying Rome.

Rebekah and Caleb are taking Anatomy at Co-op, so we won't start with MFW until we get to Astronomy.

*TREY ~ GRADE 1.5*
Phonics/Reading ~ Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading
Math ~ Singapore Primary Math 1A - Textbook, Workbook & Extra Practice

Language Arts ~ LLATL Orange
Math ~ Singapore Primary Math 3A - Textbook & Intensive Practice

Language Arts ~ LLATL Purple
Math ~ Saxon 5/4

Rebekah and Caleb are continuing Latin with Latina Christiana I.