Tuesday, September 18

Choosing an Option

Every homeschooler's dream is to educate their own children with no outside interference. Although this is nearly impossible, I thought I had it made in Ohio. All I had to do was notify the school board, promise to teach 900 hours a year, and have a portfolio examined by a certified teacher at the end of the year. The only "test" that my children would have HAD to take is the GED. (Ohio Law)

In Tennessee, if I chose to notify the school board, as I did in Ohio, our lives would be too "controlled" for my tastes. AND when it came time for High School, I wouldn't be able to teach them without a baccalaureate degree, this was the most disappointing. (Tennessee Law)

Then, my eyes were opened to the options involving a Church-Related School. This was exactly what I had been looking for. (I had been under the MISTAKEN impression that, if you used a CRS, you could not choose your own curriculum.) We registered with Home Life Academy and I feel such peace about the decision we made.

Requirements: Register and submit grades and attendance twice a year. AND I can educate my children through graduation when they will receive a High School Diploma!!

I'm so glad that God led us to the option that was right for our family.

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  1. I'm amazed at the differences between states. It makes me realize that I shouldn't be taking homeschooling and it's freedoms for granted. Here in Michigan I do not have to report to anyone nor notify anyone of my intent. I sure hope it stays that way!


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