Monday, May 26

End of May Update

We're back to TN! Whew it's a long drive! The kids were very good, so I can't complain about them. I can complain about no A/C in the van though. We stopped somewhere in Louisiana just to go into Target and cool off! (I also needed a new CD, Hannah Montana was getting old.)

We finally finished Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. I definitely like the book better than either movie. But my vote for the version that most closely matches the book is.... Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Other than all that garbage about his father the dentist, I think it was very close to the book. Johnny Depp truly did personify Willy Wonka. (Better than Gene Wilder, in my opinion.)

We will begin Pilgrim's Progress tomorrow, hopefully. I figure that we will use this week to get back into the groove of school. We did a little while in Texas, but mostly math and handwriting. Oh, we also started Song School Latin. The kids love it!!

Next week, we will start week 3 of Adventures in My Father's World. Also, *T* and I will begin My Father's World Kindergarten. He's so excited to actually begin Kindergarten.

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