Thursday, May 7

Back to School

We've taken a bit of time off due to pregnancy related issues and moving... I was definitely ready to start back up!! We took it a bit slow this week and next week we'll start MFW Creation to Greeks.

*T* started LLATL Blue. On day 4 we read Goodnight Moon and he made his own Goodnight Book.

He also did about 12 pages in Essential Math Kindergarten B.

*C* completed Lesson 1 in Spellwell A. He also worked on Singapore Primary Math 1B for 30 minutes each day (Review 5 & Exercises 44-56) and 4 pages of HWT Cursive.

*B* worked on Primary Math 2A for 45 minutes each day (Reviews 2-5 & Exercises 31-39) and wrote each letter of the cursive alphabet from BJU Cursive. We also picked up LLATL Yellow in the original book. This week she completed lessons 13 & 14.

I can't wait to start Creation to Greeks next week!!


  1. Cool deal! You sure got a solid core of stuff done this week. I'm especially impressed with the math. Wowee. I like the looks of the LLATL work... looks interesting!

  2. Nice. You got a lot done. The Goodnight book is awesome.

  3. Looks like you got alot done, I love the Goodnight book, thanks for sharing


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