Saturday, October 20

Week 8 Report

I hate to say that we only got about 1/2 done this week. I found lots of mice "stuff" and I went on a cleaning kick.

B passed her spelling pretest again. She needs more practice in subtraction before we can really move on to the next section of 1A. I did make some number bond flash cards, she likes looking at them. I also made some Number Bond copywork pages that I'll start having her do next week.

C was extremely excited to start his new math book. He's doing very well. It's helping his reading along too, because he wants to read his own directions (like his sister does.)

We finished "Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH" so I let them watch the movie. I had forgotten how different it was. Poor kids were confused. :) "I thought Jenner wasn't in the book." They just couldn't get over that one. *My* main question is: If the rats don't age normally why was Nicodemus so OLD, and Jenner was fairly young.

This is why I hate it when I watch a movie that was a book. The only movie that I've ever truly been satisfied with is "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardorbe."

I finally got my books from CBD and I will be starting our Science and Earth books next week. I did some researching on lapbooks today and I really want to do them. I think the kids will enjoy it.


  1. YEAH! Lapbooks!!! I love to lapbook!

    What new math book curr. did you get for your ds?


  2. sounds like a good week anyway.
    And I'm with you. We don't watch movies that were books :-)

    Glad you got more materials in. Have fun looking through all the new stuff. That is always fun! :-)

  3. Still sounds like you had a productive week.

    We really enjoy lapbooks. We do lapbooks on story books, on different subjects. My children really retain so much that way and they really delve in. Helps with creativity, and all around just fun!

    Have a good week.

  4. I am so glad I found your blog (WTM link I think!) - it's great! I look forward to reading it in the future!

  5. Just got back from a little trip woth the kids and was scanning the WTM board for weekly reports!

    Great week... even if you only did half. *Ü* We like lapbooks too!

    Have a wonderful week! Starting tomorrow!



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