Friday, October 26

Our First LapBook!

I was so excited when we finished our first lapbook. The kids really enjoyed it. They looked forward to the mini book everyday!! :)


  1. Good job! Now your hooked!

    I look forward to seeing more! Glad the kids loved it too! Have fun creating!


  2. You did great..I love it..

  3. Very cool. I love that you guys did it on Jesus.

    We recently made one on Friendship (based on Charlotte's Web) that I haven't posted yet, but I'm going to soon.

    (P.S. Found your site through Yahoo Lapbooking Group.)

  4. What a neat lapbook! Love the topic! Saw your post on the Yahoo Lapbooking list. We just finished our first lapbook, too so I know the excitement you are feeling. Love the name of your homeschool, too. We are teaching our 8 yo son Latin with Prima Latina, and it's so cool!


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