Friday, April 11

Weekly Report

Our Big News!! We're going to start Adventures in My Father's World on Monday. I really do think that this is *it*. I've been searching and searching for the right Unit Study. We tried KONOS a few weeks/months ago, and it was good... but not quite what I want/need.

*B* has been doing HWT Cursive and her printing has improved 200%. I'm so proud of her! And after 2 weeks of LLATL Yellow, she can do the entire copywork in one sitting. Yay!

*C* finished Singapore PM 1A today. He will begin 1B on Monday. He worked on more than assigned so that he could get it finished by today. He's such a math geek! :)

*T* started Singapore's Essential Math book A, and he's loving it! I like it a lot better than the Earlybird Math series. He also started his HWT Preschool book.

*L* is just ornery. He's climbing on everything! I'll catch him standing in the middle of the dinner table just clapping...


  1. sounds like a good week, I like the blog's new look!

  2. Very nice, Audrey!

    And enjoy MFW. I've never used it, but it looks like it uses a lot of books that I did back when I did school only with a library card, when my big ones were little. Lots of fun crafty books that are easy to implement.

    Have fun!

  3. We're finishing up MFW Adventures and have really enjoyed it. Have a wonderful time with it!! If you have any questions feel free to stop by my blog! Love your blog!

  4. I look forward to hearing how MFW goes for you! And my goodness, but those puppies are cute! :)


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