Thursday, April 3

10 Things About MEme ... get it? :)

Well, she finally did it. Beth at Acorn Hill Academy has tagged me before I could get to her.

Here are the rules: You have to tag 5 people and you can't tag the person that tagged you. You leave them a comment on their blog letting them know you are tagging them and why. Also, direct them to your blog for instructions. It is also asked that you notify the tagger when you post your list so that they can enjoy reading the responses.

Here we go...

1. Hi, my name is Audrey, and I am a curriculum junkie.

2. I would love to own a Homeschool Bookstore. Buy and Sell used (and new) curriculum. This is probably to justify #1. :)

3. I lived in one house until I got married and have moved just about every year since! (8 1/2 years, on our 9th home)

4. I attended Cedarville College (before it turned University) for 1 year.

5. I met Kevin Bacon when I was pregnant with *B*. He was staying at the same Holiday Inn in Cleveland, OH.

6. I've never travelled west of the Mississippi River, but I will in a couple of weeks. (Visiting my mom in TX.)

7. I'm terrified of bridges. No clue why, I just am.

8. I had a crush on my best friend's cousin from the time I was 12 until I met my husband at 19. In high school, when the class was reading Romeo and Juliet my friends compared my crush to Romeo's with Rosaline.

9. My mom is my biological mom, my dad adopted me when I was 9. (My mom and dad did get married when I was 18m old though.)

10. I like to listen to Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus. I guess that was more like a confession. :)

That was so much harder than it looked! My lucky five are:

Brittney, Lisa, Lee, Tina, and Lorna.

PLEASE! PLEASE! Leave a comment to let me know you've done it! Thanks and Have Fun!!


  1. I have not done it yet... but as soon as I do,I will post and let you know. I just wanted you to know I got the note! *Ü*


  2. I got your note too Audrey, thanks. I'll have to get my thinking cap on. Are there even ten things to be said about me?
    I love yours. You have led such a fascinating life. I want to read your book.

  3. Lorna, thank you, but I doubt there will ever be a book. Well... I may be able to fill a beginner reader! :)

  4. Thanks for the tag. :o) I haven't done it yet... :o( Once I do, I will be sure to post back here.

    Thanks for thinking of me. :o)


    PS: I would have to say there are some simularities in our 2 lives. :o) (2, 7, & 9. A little different with 9, but still related)

  5. Thank you Tina! I can't wait to read more about our similarities!! :)


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sweet to the taste and health to the body.
~ Proverbs 16:24