Monday, February 9

The Bible in One Year

I've challenged myself to read the Bible this year. I'd like to make it an ongoing thing, where I read the entire Bible once every year. I started by using the recommended schedule in my Holman Study Bible. I liked the variety, but it was getting a bit... uh... hard to keep up with. There were 4 different readings each day. For example, Day 1: Gen 1, Est 1, Ps 1, and Mt 1. Like I said, I loved the variety.

So, I found a different plan that I'm going to use. You read a different section of the Bible each day of the week. Sunday is Epistles, Monday is The Law, Tuesday is History, Wednesday is Psalms, Thursday is Poetry, Friday is Prophecy, and Saturday is Gospels. One passage per day, 7 different passages per week. You can download the pdf here or view it online here.

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