Wednesday, April 21

Post-Pavlik Harness

I haven't really had any different news since October 2009, when he was released from wearing the harness. Today *Z* had an x-ray on his hips at the Orthopedist. I'm not sure exactly *what* was measured on the x-ray, but the Dr said the baby's left measured 23 degrees and the right measured 30 degrees. He wants them to be below 30, so his right hip is measuring borderline.

He goes back in 3 months for another x-ray. Dr offered to refer *Z* to a pediatric orthopedist, but I declined for now. If he's still borderline at the next x-ray then I'll take him to see the pediatric orthopedist.


  1. Holding steady is better than back in the harness! We'll keep praying for Z that it resolves fully on it's own.

  2. Most definitely! Praise God!


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