Saturday, July 3

My Planbook

I've never been able to find the "perfect" planner for me. I've tried just about every pre-made planner ever published. In the end I ALWAYS end up printing out my own weekly sheets. So then I thought, "Why not take all of the different aspects that I like and combine them into one book?" And my planner was born...

The Cover - Oh, and I had it comb bound. I really do hate comb binding, but it's sort of, almost like spiral (my fav) in functionality, yet it's a bit forgiving if I need to add pages. It would be a pain, but it could be done.


Calendars -These are both from



Artists/Musicians by Term -We school year-round so 1 Term is equivalent to 4 months. The numbered list is for the names of the pictures we will study.

Foreign Language - This sheet is similar to Tanglewood's Corebook plan sheet. This sheet is YELLOW because I will use it with more than one child.


Next, are 2 YELLOW Science planning sheets from the Tanglewood Corebook. There are no samples online, so I didn't think it would be right to show them here. It really is worth the $$ even if you just use the planning sheets.

Then there are 2 History sheets. One is YELLOW (more than one child) and the other is BLUE (Shark). On the backside of the BLUE sheet is another copy of the Foreign Language worksheet for Shark.

The last set of sheets are PINK (Kitten), ORANGE (Crow), and BLUE (Shark). These are also from the Tanglewood Corebook.

On the backsides I have printed a Reading List (from I think I'm going to use these to list the books I want them to read.


Then there are 6 weeks worth of my color coded planning pages. I tried making this a PDF and the colors didn't show up for some reason. Here's a link to the pages without color.


At the end of each six weeks I have color coded copies of the 6 Weeks Report from Tanglewood's Corebook. On the backside of each sheet is a copy of a Journal page from

Then there is a GREEN (Mr Krabs) sheet with lines. (Also from The backside has a Reading List. I will use his as a completed list of everything we read during the 6 weeks.


I have 6 sets of the previous sheets. Term 1, 1st Six Weeks - Term 1, 2nd Six Weeks - Term 2, 1st Six Weeks... and so on...

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