Wednesday, February 2

Carry Me Away bag

This was fun and pretty easy. I had a slight issue with the way the pattern was written, but I figured it out.=)



  1. I love these bags you're making! The people who make the Cream & Sugar cotton yarn have a pattern for a knitted bag that I'd like to try. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to crochet more than a chain.

  2. Thank you! Maybe we should make a trip your way and I could show you the very little that I know. =)

  3. Awesome! I like this one even better. The colors are great!

  4. Thanks! I really like the design, but this is the "small" size. Definitely won't hold as much as the other bag. I'm thinking of trying the "large" size in this one though. We'll see. =)


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