Sunday, February 20

Quick Rundown of 2010/11

It has been a long time since I posted about school. I don't think I've posted about THIS school year yet! Geesh!

One major change is that we are now a part of the local Co-op. This is their first year and it's so exciting to be involved at the beginning stages.

Shark and I are working through AOy1 together. (We're on week 10, I think.) It's going pretty well. He struggles a bit with narration, but he's improving. It's so hard to be patient with something that *I* think should be easy. He's finally reading CVC words and trying to read bigger words. He is about 1/2 done with ETC1.

He's on Lesson 7 of Math-U-See Alpha. He catches on to math very quickly, but not reading stuff so much.

Crow & Kitten started TruthQuest Middle Ages last week. We completed section 1 and did a Map Trek along with it. They also started LLATL Orange & Purple, respectively. They are both working through Teaching Textbooks 4. Kitten is almost finished as Crow is about 1/2 through.Oh, they've also completed the first 3 lessons of Latina Chistiana 1.

Mr Krabs is dying to "do school." I've started different PreK programs with him and they just weren't a good fit for us. So, we're going to read through AOy0 and add in some phonics and math. He's a new 4yo and I'm pretty sure that we will begin K work next school year, but I won't register him for K until the following year.

They are all doing a few additional things but I didn't want to completely bore you with this recap. =)

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  1. School sounds like it is getting done! One can imagine being too busy to post here. LOL


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