Sunday, March 6

Burgess Bird Book - Links & Info

I am beginning this post to compile my resources. Please keep checking back for more!

Burgess Bird Book Supplement - PDF with information and pictures of each bird
Common Birds Coloring Pages - PDF

Chapter Title links to story at

I- Jenny Wren Arrives
House Wren - info @ All About

II- The Old Orchard Bully
Chippy the Chipping Sparrow
Bully the English Sparrow

III- Jenny Has a Good Word for Some Sparrows
Sweet Voice the Vesper Sparrow
Little Friend the Song Sparrow

IV- Chippy, Sweetvoice, and Dotty
Dotty the Tree Sparrow
Slaty the Junco
Junco Printout - Enchanted Learning

V- Peter Learns Something He Hadn't Guessed
Welcome Robin
American Robin - Enchanted Learning
Winsome Bluebird
Eastern Bluebird - Enchanted Learning

VI- An Old Friend in a New Home
Least Flycatcher - info @ All About
Eastern Phoebe - info @ All About

VII- The Watchman of the Old Orchard
Scrapper the Kingbird
Redeye the Vireo

VIII-Old Clothes and Old Houses

IX- Longbill and Teeter

X- Red Wing and Yellow Wing

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