Saturday, February 9

Week in Review

Hate to say it, but we've chucked KONOS. Anyone want to buy it? :) It was WAY to library dependent. My library isn't that great. I thought there would be some sort of background/story included with the lessons (like Weaver) but it's really just a list of activities and resources.

I don't like jumping around so much, but I feel that it's better to do it now (while they are young) than later...

*B* started LLATL - Yellow this week. She is doing a wonderful job! I had some issues with the copywork assignment on day 1, but I got some wonderful advice from the WTM boards. (Thank You!) The biggest problem was the "paper." I had her redo it on HWT paper and she did wonderful. We've just started HWT but the way they do the lines has made a tremendous difference in the quality of her handwriting. I'm very impressed.

*T* is buzzing through 100 Easy Lessons. He loves to do it! His favorite part is his little "worksheets" to practice letter writing.

*C* is picking up pace in Singapore PM 1A. I'm afraid he'll surpass his sister before the year is up. Though she may surprise me.

I have Prima Latina TM and as soon as I can get 2 workbooks we will begin. I was going to try it without the workbooks, but my kids crave seatwork... no lie... I finish reading a book (history, science, you name it) and the first thing I hear is, "Can I do my school book now?"


  1. Sorry to hear about the poor library situation. That is a bummer.

    The picture is just adorable.

    ~Tina in WA

  2. My kids like seatwork also! Of course I shouldn't be surprised because I always did too! :)

  3. My oldest loves workbooks too.

    Sorry Konos didn't work out, but at least you're not afraid to admit something's not working and find something better :)

  4. I loved LLATL yellow... that’s third grade if I remember right. I used that with Christian back in the day. She is 15 now! *Ü*

    I agree... better to find out something isnt going to work out now then when they are older.... I bought it once too and decided against it before we even used it.... I do wish I would have kept it for a reference though. I bought it used and for a great price... I regret getting rid of it. The crafts and ideas it does have is pretty thorough... but you are right, it is just lists....

    What do you think you will do now??


  5. I'm sorry Konos didn't work out too! It is library and mom intensive... I can recommend the Singapore Start Up Science as good workbooks though! :)


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