Wednesday, February 27

Our First Snow!

This is what I woke up to this morning! I'm used to this kind of snow in Ohio, but not here! I can't even see my mountains... (sniffle)

UPDATED: This is what it looked like 5 hours later!!


  1. What an amazing cold blue. And you have mountains too? I wish I lived there...

  2. I am outside of Atlanta and it snowed today, was a "southern" snow...if you look really hard you can see "accumulation" on our deck!

  3. No Way! We didn't get *that* much snow in Mid TN. Lots of green patches still showing. The boys are out playing in it anyhow.

    What a serene picture!

    Happy WW my friend!

  4. So pretty! I miss waking up to freshly fallen snow... I think our snow season is behind us now that it is about March. :o(

  5. We are in TN too and the boys had a blast this morning in the snow. It sure was a fluffy snow! :)

  6. I haven't seen snow in years!! I think I would freeze to death!!

    On the other hand, it is really beautiful!

  7. It would be enjoyable to have snow just a few times a year (or less, LOL)! It is pretty. I'm very tired of our snow. I'm ready for Spring!

  8. I'm tired of snow too, but that is a really pretty picture!

  9. Kind of a downer to have to melt so fast. I wish we had snow here if just every now and then.


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