Wednesday, March 12

Green Hour: Challenge 2

Due to unforeseen illnesses (is it ever foreseen?) we are even further behind that I would have liked... But here we go with Challenge #2.

I have a confession, I didn't actually read the assigned pages until after we were done. I had the opportunity (and felt well enough) to go outside so we did. :) That's what homeschooling is all about right? Spur of the moment learning? :)

This week we took our walk behind the house (the back of our house faces the road, the front faces the "backyard" :). I decided that I would let them take a picture of something they found "neat." (This is big for me... I don't even like DH touching my camera!!)

*B* took this picture her descriptive words were "yellow flowers"

*C* loves the woods. Anywhere he sees a lot of trees he wants to go on an "adventure." His descriptive words were "curving tree"

*T* found a stick. It's actually about as big as his arm. His descriptive words were "big stick"

After the "walk" we sat in the middle of our field to complete the lesson. This is where we came up with our words, and discussed the things we saw. They all had a hard time coming up with their descriptive words. But we worked through it. I assume it will get easier. It's always harder the first time.

Tomorrow they will paste their pictures into their own Nature Journals. We'll have to add their drawings for Challenge 1 as well.

I have to add this picture of what the baby was doing while we were nature studying.
Can you see him? You may have to click to enlarge. :)


  1. Great idea to hand the camera over. It is always interesting to see things from their perspective. :)

    They came up with some words of their own and that is the point....this is their nature study and you are just there to guide them. I think things are going well and I look forward to more posts.

    Thanks for linking,
    Barb-Harmony Art Mom

  2. I keep having beautiful dreams of this nature study. I love the idea of it...but putting it into practice...I am not sure. I'll probably buy some field guides and a nature book...and hopefully they will not languish on the shelf!

  3. Confession--I didn't read this week's pages until after our walk either. Sometimes I think it's more important to just get outside. It's so nice to be outdoors now and they took some great pictures!

  4. They took great pictures! Thanks for sharing your outing. ~Tina


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