Friday, March 14

Home Life Academy ~ Our CRS

My very first post was about the difference in homeschooling laws from OH to TN.

Home Life Academy is the Church Related School that we are registered with. Here's a little bit of info from their website.

HomeLife Academy is a state recognized Category IV church-related school. You will be considered a private teacher for HomeLife Academy and not a "homeschooler" under TN state law. The TN state board of education has a "home school" program and you may register with the state. However, the church related laws (T.C.A. 49-50-801) read: "The state board of education and the local boards of education are prohibited from regulating the selection of faculty or textbooks or the establishment of a curriculum in church-related schools." Therefore, we choose YOU to be faculty and we let YOU establish the curriculum. Instead of having our teachers come to a campus and teach someone else's kids, we let you stay home and teach your own. Your home is like an extension of a campus. Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) calls this "option three." So remember, you are NOT a "home schooler" under law, you are a private school teacher that stays home.

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