Saturday, March 1

Green Hour: Challenge 1

I've been wanting to do "Nature Study" for a while now, but I need someone to tell me what to do. Barb at The Heart of Harmony is doing just that. Every Friday she is posting a weekly challenge. She just posted week 3, but I wanted to start from the beginning.

{Walking/falling in our field}

The very first thing that I did was to print out and read the assigned pages from Handbook of Nature Study. I got very excited about starting.

The first thing we noticed was the birds singing.
Then we started looking around and found 3 different bird nests!! All in our yard! Wow!
(The birds were too fast for my camera reflexes.)

*C* noticed that the leaves crunched when he stepped on them.

I asked him how this leaf was different from one that was still on the tree.

He said that on the tree it's green and soft.

After we came inside, we talked about the things that we saw and they expressed an interest in learning more about birds and trees.

We read the section on nests from this book. The kids enjoyed it. *T* even got some of the answers right!

We also read a little about trees from our Kingfisher's The Little Encyclopedia.

I've been debating about taking down one of the nests and looking at it a little more in depth.

I'll update my post if we do.


  1. What a great outing! You took wonderful pictures too! Its one of my favorite parts when reading about the adventures of others! Never mind what they did! lol *Ü* Its fun to see what you did!

    I look forward to more posts!!


  2. What a wonderful outing you all had! I love seeing the birds nests.

    I wanted to start at the begining too and did 2 lessons very close to each other. You don't have to set aside a lot of time to do this wonderful assignment. That is one (of many) things I love about it. :o)

    Way to go on being right on with some of the answers "before" reading the book! Too cute.

  3. Welcome to the Green Hour challenges! I am really glad you posted your link so we can all take a look.

    I loved the things you picked out to study. Don't forget to read the pages in the Handbook of Nature Study on bird's has a section on bird's nests in winter.

    I look forward to more posts.
    Barb-Harmony Art Mom

  4. Thank You all for the comments!!

    Barb: I did forget to mention that I read those pages. That's why I was considering removing the nest for study. :)

  5. Yeah Audrey!

    Looks like you and your dc had a great time exploring your yard! Isn't it amazing the things we see when we open our eyes and the things we hear when we are quiet!

    Looking forward to reading the coming weeks!

  6. What a great start to your nature study! We're waiting until the Ice Age here in Minnesota has passed to begin ours...a bit too brisk outside yet!

  7. Great pictures, and what a beautiful yard for your nature studies!

    Have a wonderful spring outdoors!

  8. We just began our nature studying also. My dc love it. It was so nice to take a breather from the indoors and smell the fresh air. You have some wonderful pics.

  9. I love nature study! Way to go, mom, for bringing the natural world into your homeschool.

    Here is a blog you might enjoy (Not mine, but one I bookmarked a while back)


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