Wednesday, December 10

Homemade Knitting Needles

I am knitting every day now. I have a long list of requests.

This is the hat that I am making for *B*. It calls for sz 13 dpn, but I had read somewhere that you can make a hat with circular needles instead. So I ordered a circular needle (from I got from the ruffles to the ribbon and realized that I HAD TO HAVE double pointed needles to finish it.

SO... I went to Lowe's (with my needle gauge) and bought a 48" dowel rod. I divided it into 5 sections and used a pencil sharpener to get my points. Then I sanded them. The finest I had was 220 grit, I still need one smaller to get the last little "kinks" out.

It only took about an hour, and the hardest part was the sharpening. If I had a "hand-cranking" pencil sharpener (or an electric one, for that matter), it would've been a piece of cake.

Here they are in use. The 2nd picture shows my mistake. When I transferred from the circular to the dpn, I kept knitting. I don't know why but I have to purl the rest of it for it to come out right. Not a big deal, just weird.

Final Cost (tax included): 94 cents.


  1. Great idea! You're so thrifty! ;0)

  2. How clever of you Audrey!! I love your resourcefulness. The yard you chose for that project is gorgeous too-I love the colors.

    Your new blog look is beautiful! The soft green background is so nice and your header is so pretty. You are very good at re-doing your blog! I am always afraid to touch mine, lol!

  3. Love the needles! I stumbled upon your blog through BFS. :) I love knitting too! I would love to follow your blog, it's very inspiring.

  4. forgot a comment ::blush:: I have the Reading Reflex but haven't used it. Please stop by my blog and tell me what you think of it and how you like it with your ds. My ds has Aspergers Syndrome and some sensory issues and I'm having a hard time teaching him to read.


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