Wednesday, April 22

Revised Homemade Laundry Soap

While we were in OH my mom and Memaw bought us (mainly the kids) a lot of thrift store clothes. My mom wanted to wash them for us so I had to buy commercial soap. I loved the way my clothes smelled. She sent the rest home with me and I used a little and was seriously contemplating buying detergent JUST for the smell. (Octagon just doesn't give your clothes that fresh clean smell.)

So then I had this brilliant idea... what kind of "smelly good" soap could I add to my detergent? I also wondered if Fels-Naptha smelled better, but I didn't know where to find it.

I went to get more Octagon and Food City didn't have any in the laundry aisle. Bummer! So I went to the hand/body soap section to see what I might be able to "add in" to my detergent. GUESS WHAT I FOUND! FELS-NAPTHA! I was so excited. (Isn't it funny what moms can be exicted about.) It really does smell 100x better than Octagon.

Here's my new, very smelly good recipe for Powdered Laundry Soap:

1C. Fels-Naptha (very finely grated)
1C. Kirk's Original Coco Castile (very finely grated)

1C. Borax

1C. Super Washing Soda

USE 1 heaping Tablespoon per load.

PS: if you click "homemade" below, you can see my other posts on laundry soap.


  1. Audrey: I totally agree about the Fels-Naptha. It has such a clean, fresh scent. Our Kroger carries it (go figure) and that is what I use in my laundry detergent. I have continued to make ours also and haven't bought "regular" detergent since November.
    And, I get excited about those things as well! :)
    I hope you are feeling well today.

  2. I'm feeling great, thanks! :)

    We don't have a Kroger here. There's one about 45 min away, but not worth the drive. :)


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