Monday, April 6

It's a boy!!

Well, we all wanted a girl, but God knows the desires of our hearts better than we do. I was thinking about their teenage years... I'm going to have dd20, ds19, ds18, ds15, ds12. WOW!

She got a good picture of his legs stretched out... and I saw it. Then a little later, she said, "Do we want to know what it is?" I said, "Yes." So, she showed us his little boy parts. :)

He wouldn't be still long enough to get a picture, but we know what we saw. When she tried to get the picture, he crossed his ankles and hid his little boy parts. Boys are so stubborn.


  1. Wow! Four Kings and One Queen! Welcome to the club! Congratulations!

  2. Kysha ~ I thought about you after I found out. Thanks for welcoming me into the "club." :)

  3. Boys are wonderful!

    We find out on Friday if ours is a boy or a girl.

    It dawned on me the other day that when my oldest is beginning his teenage years I am going to have a two year old as well. Hmmmm.



  4. Congratulations! I bet he'll be an endless delight to you all, even *B* who gets four brothers to bug her. :)

  5. ~~Congratulations Audrey and family!!~~
    Little boys are so very precious.
    I hope you are feeling well!


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