Saturday, October 10

Chores, Points, and Money

We don't require many chores, but what we do require is expected to be done. The 3 big kids kitchen chores alternate between dishes, wiping the table, and sweeping the floor. It didn't always get done and no one ever remembered who's turn it was to do what. After a week of our new system, I am in love. Why on earth didn't I try this before?

The Point Chart

(click image to open PDF)
Left column lists chores to be completed, 7 columns for the days of the week, last column is Total Points.

The box at the top lists point values:
0 = did not do
1 = did but had to be reminded
2 = did without being reminded
1/2 a job gets 1/2 the points

The very last row is for behavior. They start each day with 10 points and, as we see fit, points are taken away.

At the end of the week they get "Chore Money" since we can't pay them real money. They can earn a possible 140 points per week, which equals $140 chore money. The first thing they will do is tithe 10%. We believe that God will honor this since their chore money is valuable to them, just as our paper money is valuable to us.

The Chore Money

I printed each denomination on a different color...

...and this is what I used for the back.

Eventually, I'd like to set up a bank and they can learn to write checks.


$5 - extra snack (for example, an extra scoop of ice cream)
$10 - 15 minutes alone in the bedroom (the boys share a room)
$15 - extra 15 minutes on the phone and/or computer
$30 - stay up 30 minutes past bedtime
$500 - a real $5 bill

Fines & Penalties
(these are all things we've had major issues with)

$5 per church incident:
- running
- being in the sound room
- going on the stage
- being down by the creek

$1 per home incident:
- running
- going into mom and dad's room
- touching anything that doesn't belong to you

Obviously these will change over time, but for now I think we've got a good start. If you have any more ideas let me know!

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