Sunday, October 11

Sunday Science

This is the coolest thing I've ever seen. We watched him for a while before I had the sense to pull my phone out and record it.


  1. Awesome! I think spiders are super cool.

    I hope you all are doing great and that little Z is doing wonderfully!!

  2. I used to hate spiders. I mean, I still hate them in my house. I will still kill them usually. But, we had one outside our house last year and I actually felt bad for it when the girls knocked the web down. I believe the words that came out of my mouth were something like this: "Would you like it if someone wrecked your home??" This is very comical if you know me because I scream at the sight of a spider. Anyway, the spider built that web within a few hours. He was back in the same spot! He was an orb weaver and he was so cool. I wish he was back out on our bush this year but he wasn't. I missed watching him. He was so incredible.


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