Friday, October 2

Creation to Greeks ~ week 7

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I've rearranged our week a little bit. We're doing History MWF and Science TR.

MEMORY WORK: We added the 2nd Commandment - You shall not make for yourself an idol.

BIBLE/HISTORY: We talked about Abraham, Isaac, and the destruction of Sodom. (Genesis 17-21) Instead of a notebook page about Papyrus, we made some. I slipped it into a page protector and filed it in the history notebook.

Race to Bury Tut was on the National Geographic Channel this week and we watched that. Very very interesting. They also made a cartouche.

SCIENCE: Christian Kids Explore Biology Lesson 2: Cells. They had so much fun learning about cells. On Tuesday, we read the lesson and looked at some pictures of cells. Then I had them label the basic parts of an animal cell and a plant cell. I used this picture from BBC to make a labeling worksheet. They also watched the interactive video.

For the 2nd part of the lesson, we read a few pages from Cells: Building Blocks of Life (ISBN 0134004663) that described each part of the cell and filled out the reading sheet. On the back I had them draw and label each cell. We also made a Ziploc/Jello animal cell. It was later pointed out to me that we actually made Red Blood Cells.

HYMN STUDY: We finished memorizing Holy, Holy, Holy.

VOCABULARY: Greek Root: graph - to write or draw

READ ALOUD: We finished Boy of the Pyramids by Ruth Fosdick Jones. If you can't get it from the Library (like I did) then I highly recommend buying a copy! It is a really good book.

LATIN: LNST 2, lessons 1&2 pages 1-12. These lessons reviewed book 1.


*T* lessons 17-19 of R&S 1

*C* PM 2A exercises 24-26 and Review 1

*B* PM 2B (almost done!) Reviews 3 & 4 plus corresponding textbook pages



*C* first half of LLATL Yellow Lesson 2

*B* began lesson 2.

We had a hard time getting LA done this week.


  1. Love the jello cells - we did that last year, and it was yummy! ;) I'm jealous that your papyrus turned out! Ours was a big flop! ;)

  2. Excellent week! My kiddos dig in their heels on any project that I'm suggesting for school (e.g. your neat cells). If they come up with the idea they may run with it for hours... but Mama... just can't be cool. Your kids are awesome. :)

  3. How great to visit and see what you're doing in CTG. It's fun to see those in the years ahead of us!

  4. Wonderful week Audrey!
    Also, I love your new header-that is great. :)

  5. Hi, I saw your blog on the CKE group. Looks like you had a great week! I can't wait to look through your past history posts~we are just beginning creation.

    Anyways, I came to check out your notebooking pages, but we are doing the chemistry book. Your biology stuff looks great though!


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