Sunday, November 22

No More Zantac!

I'm so excited! On October 7 the baby started taking Zantac for acid reflux. (I have to add here that we didn't see his regular Pediatrician, we saw a Nurse Practitioner.) She told me to give him .6mL 2x a day. That seemed a little extreme to me. The baby's symptoms weren't horrible, they were just bad enough to make him - and me - uncomfortable. So he's only ever taken it 1x a day. Within 24 hours he was like a brand new baby! No more spit up and no more "colicky" behavior.

After a week or so I read a Zantac box at the grocery. It said that the medicine reduces the production of stomach acid, and I had heard that the body can become dependent on the medicine if taken too long. I really started wondering if there was something we could give him to neutralize the acid instead.

About 3 weeks ago I tried taking him off of the Zantac and he went right back to being a cranky spit up baby. A week later (of being on the meds again) we decided to change his formula. We tried Enfamil A.R. - it's made thicker for babies who spit up. It's been awesome! He's not been on any medicine for about 10 days.

THEN we got to wondering if it was just the formula in the first place. He was on Enfamil in the hospital and for about a week after. Then we switched to Good Start, since that's what WIC gives you in TN. Looking back, that's about when we started to notice the problems, but I associated it with getting used to wearing the harness.

So now he's taking a mixture of Enfamil AR and regular Enfamil. It's thick, but not super thick. He's doing just fine. After my can of AR is finished we're going to just give him the Enfamil and see what happens.

EDITED TO ADD: I tried reducing the AR just a little bit and he started spitting up again. I guess 1/2 and 1/2 is the right mixture for him.

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  1. Excellent news! Amazing how brand of formula can do that isn't it? Hoping that sticking with Enfamil will work for him.


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