Friday, January 29

History After MFW

First of all I have to say that I am in love with the idea of My Father's World. The problem came with implementing the program. As hard as I tried, I just couldn't make it work for us. This is what I learned from that experience:
1. I need all of my subjects separated - Unit Studies overwhelm me.
2. I need one or two good spines to just read and narrate - our library system has next to nothing, so a good spine is extremely important to me.

After I realized these things I tried using Story of the World again. I really like having SOTW as an "extra-info" book, but not a spine. So I considered the Famous Men books. I found Greece and Rome at an excellent used price.

As we've been reading Famous Men of Greece, I've been thinking about the Middle Ages and whether or not we'd continue with the series. I had already determined that I would add Our Island Story to whichever program that we used. (We have a strong British Heritage.) Then I remembered how much I wanted to use Guerber's books.

I know, I'm a mess!

This is what I want in a history curriculum:
1. I want subject headings well defined.
2. I want the designated chapters listed from the spines that I want to use. (Guerber/Miller books, Our Island Story, Trial and Triumph)
3. Loose enough to be as deep or as shallow as we choose without feeling guilty.

I was about to reinvent the wheel... and then I remembered TruthQuest. It really does look perfect for us. I've purchased Ancient Rome. If all goes well then I will purchase the two books I need for our Middle Ages studies.

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