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Week 19 Highlights

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January 18; 25-28, 2010

Daddy finally started working on Monday the 25th, after being unemployed for 51 weeks. Needless to say the last two weeks have been rocky. This past week we were getting used to a new schedule and the week before was all about getting Daddy's truck running!

MEMORY: Took a break. I still haven't figured out what they will work on next.

BIBLE: Continued reading about Joseph. Genesis 41-42 in 3 different readings. We also read the corresponding pages in Journey Through the Bible.

HISTORY: Famous Men of Greece - Theseus, Agamemnon and Achilles. I also rented the movie Troy. (There were a few nekkid rears, but nothing graphic.) We read about Odysseus from Young Folk's History of Greece by Charlotte M. Yonge. I really like that book, I may utilize it more.

SCIENCE/CURRENT EVENTS: We discussed the earthquake in Haiti, by reading the article at Scholastic News and then they completed the comprehension worksheet on their own. So this week was devoted to earthquakes. We read from the Child Craft encyclopedia and explored the USGS for Kids site. Lastly, they colored the US Earthquake Hazard Map.

MATH: (Singapore)

*T* (1A) did exercises 5 & 6.

*C* (2B) did Unit 7, exercises 2 & 3. He's so proud because he proved the answer key wrong! :)

*B* (3A) worked through the HIG pages 39-47 and corresponding workbook exercises. She learned to do bar models and reviewed rounding and estimation.


*T* completed Explode the Code Book B. YAY!

*C* PLL lessons 4-6.

*B* PLL lessons 9-15.

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