Thursday, June 26

Adventures in MFW ~ week 4

I didn't post about week 3, sorry.

This week we read North American Indians, by Marie and Douglas Gorsline. One of the projects was to make a wigwam, and another was to make a tee pee. The wigwam was kind of hard. They enjoyed it at first but then it got a little tedious.

In order of appearance: Mom, *B*, *C*, *T*
I actually ended up finishing T's, he got bored with it. I think next time I wouldn't use construction paper. Something thinner, easier to manipulate.

I got some books about Cherokee Indians from the Library, since they were prominent in this area. I wanted to localize it a little. Hopefully in the next week or so we'll be able to make the 2 hour drive to Cherokee, NC. (One of my favorite places.)

I think the most important discovery this week was that Singapore is just not working out. As much as I (the mother, teacher) love it, I can't make my children suffer any longer. I ordered BJU Math for *B* and *C* to start the beginning of our school year (Aug 1).

In the meantime, *B* will be working Math Mammoth: Add & Subtract 2A/2B. Book 2B has it's emphasis on carrying and borrowing, which is where we hit a wall in Singapore.


  1. Sounds like a great week - I loved the wigwams!

  2. Oh the wigwams are so cute! My kids tire out on projects like that too, and then I end up finishing them:)

  3. I am glad glad you are blogging each week in Adventures (no pressure there!) I love seeing the things we will be doing.
    Very nice wigwams. Did you do the teepees too?

  4. Yes, we made the tee pee's also, but they were destroyed before I could take a picture! :) Boys will be boys...

  5. How cool!! I am so excited about starting the Adventures in MFW. I think I am more excited then my kiddos...LOL! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. :)


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