Sunday, June 29

/s/, /s/, sun

This was my buddy's first week of Kindergarten. ("Officially" it will start August 4.)

We've tried so many different phonics "programs" up to this point, I thought all hope was gone. He's just too much of a Wiggly Willy. (Here is an excellent site explaining Learning Styles.)

Then, I decided to check into MFW Kindergarten. It is awesome! I really can't think of a better word. I wish that I could go back in time and use it for the older two.

*T* is so excited that today (Sunday) he got upset when I said we weren't "doing Kindergarten."

On Day 6, we read Moonbear's Shadow, by Frank Asch.

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  1. Audrey ~
    We used MFW K too and loved it. The way Marie ties in the Bible lessons is awesome.
    My little guy got up this morning and wanted to "do school". Don't you just love it?
    God bless ~


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