Sunday, June 22

Scheduling ADV and MFW K

I've been mulling over how to schedule Adventures in My Father's World and My Father's World Kindergarten. This is what I've come up with, but we'll see how it works out.

6:00 ~ Mama gets up, does morning routine

7:00 ~ Kids get up, eat, do morning chores

8:00 ~ 100 Chart & count sticks
Calendar- B & C: copy day, month 30, 2008.
- T: write number in correct box

8:30 ~ Bible lesson from ADV

8:45 ~ Math

9:30 ~ History/Science from ADV

10:15 ~ Handwriting

10:30 ~ Language Arts

11:00 ~ Lunch, afternoon chores, L-nap

12:15 ~ Latin

12:30 ~ Reading
- T: MFW K
- B & C: Assigned Reading, Phonics/Spelling, Book Basket

2:00 ~ Wake daddy up, break until after daddy goes to work.

6:30 ~ K Activity; Baths/Snacks; evening chores

8:00 ~ Read Aloud & Bed

Friday will be Library Day, since ADV doesn't schedule any reading/activities. I still haven't figured out exactly what to do with *L*, I guess we'll work it out somehow.

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  1. Audrey ~
    Your schedule looks good. I am never good at keeping to a schedule!
    We are doing Adventures and K this year as well. Unfortunately in our move 10 months ago (CT to FL) my K manual was lost. So I will just be winging if for K.
    God bless ~


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