Thursday, June 19

In the Hospital

*T* was in the hospital on June 8 & 9. He had ingested something that contained tricyclics, commonly found in anti-anxiety medication or anti-depressants. It ended up being a muscle relaxer and, by the GRACE OF GOD, he's fine. They kept him overnight hooked up to heart and breathing monitors. Now all of our medication is under lock and key!

We don't have a video game machine at home... so he played the entire time he was awake!!


  1. I know that was probably a difficult time for you. Something similar happened to me almost 6 years ago. William (almost 3 at the time) climbed up on a shelf and got my diabetes medicine. He *might* have taken one but we never knew for sure as I didn't count (!!) them. So as a precaution they pumped his stomach and kept him overnight. I also had a 1 year old at the time. I still remember that day!

  2. It was hard, especially since we didn't know that he took them! We didn't even know *what* he took until we were home for 2 days. It was very scary.

  3. Hi Audrey ~
    I jumped to your blog through Training Hearts MFW Adventures Blogroll. I am so sorry that your son was in the hospital! I know that was scary.
    Just tonight my 7 year old, Matthew, was in the hospital for vomiting and dehydration.
    We are home now and he is recovering thankfuly.
    God bless ~


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