Friday, January 23

Homemade Soft Scrub/Hand Cleaner

I got the idea from Rhonda. Thank You!!

1 box Baking Soda
Murphy's Oil Soap
1/2 C. Water
5 drops Tea Tree Oil (optional)

Pour Baking Soda into bowl 
Add Murphy's Oil Soap until it's the consistency of icing. 
Stir in a few drops of Tea Tree Oil (or any essential oil)
Mix together with 1/2C. water
Pour into a clean squeezable bottle
Shake well before each use

I used Tea Tree Oil because it's well known for it's antibacterial properties... and I happened to have some. 

My husband is a welder and it's hard to find a soap that will get the stains from his hands without almost tearing his skin off... THIS WORKS!! He squirted a little on his knuckles, rubbed it in, and the dirt literally disappeared! 

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