Thursday, January 22

Plumbing Problems

We have one full bath upstairs, and one full bath downstairs. Laundry is on the 1st floor.

Everytime I did laundry it backed up into the downstairs bathtub. It was never much and it always went right down, so I never worried much about it. Until one day about 2 weeks ago... the bathtub had overflowed!! Only we didn't know it until the next morning.

The Landlord sent a "handyman" out to snake the pipes and he couldn't find anything. So, she had a plumber come out. Apparently, the toilets went to the septic tank and the bathtubs, sinks, and washer drained to a dry well. Our dry well must've been full. He had to dig up our yard to reroute the pipes and have everything drain to the septic tank. He had no idea where any of the pipes were so he was doing some exploratory digging!!

This is what we ended up with:

But the kids enjoyed it!!

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