Thursday, January 22

Powdered Laundry Soap

As you may recall, I made Liquid Laundry Soap at the beginning of December. I gave 1/2 of it away, so it was time to make more. Kysha had mentioned that she makes the powdered version, so I thought I'd try it to see which I like better. I have to admit it's easier!

2C. finely shredded soap
(I used Octagon.)
1C. Washing Soda
1C. Borax

Use 2T per load.


  1. It sure is especially when you're on the go. LOL Where do you find your Octagon soup? I haven't seen that in years around here. I may be overlooking it somehow.

  2. I was searching for Fels Naptha and found Octagon. It was in the laundry aisle way down at the bottom. I couldn't find it in Walmart or Lowe's, but 2 of the local grocery stores carry it.

  3. I am definetly making my powdered the next time!! It's funny but I have always found Fels Naptha at my local Kroger-and nowhere else. It cost $1.25 and I rub it on stains too for a great stain remover-it even works on ground in grass stains on baseball uniforms.
    I've never seen Octagon.
    It's so great to make homemade-I love it.
    The new background and header is very pretty.


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